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Relationships come in many different and exciting forms, but no matter what your set-up it’s always good to keep things fresh and erotic. Whether you are embarking on a relationship with a new lover and want tips and advice on how to get to know them and their body, or you have been together for years and seek new sexy ideas to shake things up a bit, it’s all here. Practical advice on sex, toys and lingerie to help you have thigh-shattering sex with your significant other.
  • How to eat food and actually get laid on Valentine’s day

    It’s Valentine’s day and couples up and down the country are clambering over each other to book that all-important table for two. Every year they arrive two-by-two desperate to escape the floods of the unlucky and ill-fated in love. Or at least in table bookings.

    Once seated across from their date, they intimately enjoy the elbows and eye contact of an ark full of lovers wondering, yet again, how they ended up at this sexless, over-priced orgy of mass catering, instead of terrorising the neighbours with their banshee like orgasms.


  • It’s time to crack out the pink sex toys

    Pink sex toys, are, in many ways the only exception to the rule for people that don’t “do” pink. Unless you are lucky enough to be able to pull off pink clothes – and believe me, if you can successfully pink-up your wardrobe, then good luck to you – there are very few occasions in life that we need pink. Aforementioned pinkophiles can get off here, you are on your own; you already know what colour vibrator makes your vagina pop.

    Everyone else, here’s why pink is not just ...

  • How to use a strapless strap-on

    Tips on how to use a strapless strap-on dildo

    We admit it: when you first set eyes on a strapless strap-on it is possibly one of the most confusing looking couples sex toys out there. But if you’re the sort that relishes a challenge, wants something different to play with, or you dislike the clunky feel of a strap-on harness, then read on, because you may have just discovered a new treasure and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.

    What is a strapless strap-on?

    First, what’s ...

  • What to do if you run into your boss in a sex shop…

    Sex is arguably the biggest kept secret of the British people. The act, as old as our race itself, is kept just as private as, well… our privates. It is a shame that such guardedness means so many people have missed out on discovering all the fun to be had with safe experimentation. However, times are changing. It’s totally normal to be a bit shy, but do not be fooled by British bashfulness any longer. There is a vibrant sex life beating in the heart of the nation, with a ...

  • How to have better foreplay

    10 ideas for better foreplay

    Unless launching into some quickie sex, foreplay shouldn’t be something that’s rushed. It should get you both in the mood, heightening anticipation as you build towards the main event. If you’re bored with your pre-coital experience because you keep going through the same motions over and over again (kiss, strip, oral, sex, repeat), then it’s time to rethink what you’re doing in the warm up and discover how to have better foreplay by adding more to your repertoire.

    Foreplay should be fun and exciting. It ...

  • People share the best thing about their relationship

    Research suggests the secrets to a long term relationship

    Discovering the secret to an eternally happy relationship is about as likely as finding the Holy Grail, but after carrying out an in-depth study of over 5,000 people in long term relationships, Dr Meg John Barker and Professor Jacqui Gabb might be a step closer to uncovering the secrets of what makes a relationship last.

    In a series of articles for the Daily Mail, Barker and Gabb will be revealing some of the surprising ingredients needed to make a relationship ...

  • How to introduce sex toys in the bedroom?

    How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

    For some folks in relationships, knowing how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom can feel difficult. Having that conversation might feel daunting, especially if you’re unsure about how your partner will react to the idea of introducing sex toys into your sex life. An important thing to remember is that lots of couples use and enjoy sex toys together. Vibrators, massagers, even just a bottle of lubricant, can allow couples to experiment with pleasure in new ways and can even help ...

  • How to use a Massage Candle

    Why use a massage candle

    Giving your partner an erotic massage is a great way to connect with them on a physical and emotional level. So many of us see touch as a highly arousing and essential part of foreplay. Running your hands over each other’s body and known hot spots can be an intimate introduction to help you relax in one another’s company and build up to the main event.

    Whether you’re looking for a sexy gift, or something new to experiment with in the bedroom, massage ...

  • The 10 Best Clitoral Vibrators

    Check out these 10 best clitoral vibrators

    While some women are lucky enough to orgasm through penetration alone, according to the Kinsey Institute 70% of us rely on stimulating the super-sensitive, external clitoris to help us climax. It’s no wonder then that clitoral vibrators are very often the first sex toy choice for many women, or couples, that are looking to experiment with vibrators in the bedroom.

    These discreet clit simulators are often pocket-sized, so easy to stow away in bedside draws or pack in your luggage. But just because ...

  • 5 Ways Christmas Can Ruin Your Sex Life

    Christmas can ruin your sex life. Fact.

    We don’t get our Scrooge on very often in the Harmony office, but I have a very ‘Bah Humbug’ attitude when it comes to the festive season and how it messes up my sex life.

    Here’s 5 ways Christmas can ruin your sex life and the fixes needed to make sure you still get sleighed this X-Mas.

    People are always around

    Family, kids, friends. There’s no escaping any of them, because there’s always someone that needs entertaining, or you’re due to be travelling to ...

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