Kinks and Fetishes: J to Q

Kinks and Fetishes: J to Q

Fetishes and kinks are as diverse as people are, so it’s no shock to discover that people have different twists and turns in their turn-ons.

Want to start from the very beginning? Read Kinks and Fetishes: A to I.

Kink vs. Fetish: What's the difference?

What is a kink?

A kink is a sexual act or preference carried out solo or with a consenting partner(s) that is typically considered out of the mainstream. 

What is a fetish?

A fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification requires a particular object, activity or body part other than the sexual organs. A fetish although similar to a kink is something that must be present for the individual to feel sexual arousal.

Think of it like this, for those with a fetish (and no, not everyone has one) if sexual arousal was a bike, their particular fetish would be the wheels. Fundamental. Without them, the bike simply won’t go. Kinks, on the other hand, are more like adding pom poms on the handlebars or a cute little basket. Not necessarily essential to the ride but a fun and unique addition.

Consent and safewords

Most important to remember is, before you get down to it with your particular flavour of fetish or kink, ensure you’ve had a good chat and that everyone involved is on the same page, enthusiastically and continuously consenting. 

This, of course, applies to all kinds of sex but particularly when it comes to exploring new territory like discovering a kink, it's essential to discuss boundaries so that everyone can have a fabulous time. 

Japnese Rope Bondage

Otherwise known as Shibari or Kinbaku, Japanese rope bondage is a form of BDSM you’re probably familiar with already. One partner ties the other up in lengths of sturdy rope, tying the most beautiful and often intricate knots. 

We're talking about something entirely different to what you might've picked up at scouts or girl guides here. Many Shibari admirers or Japanese rope bondage fetishists see it as an art form first before being a sexual practice. 


Translating as “arousal by enemas”, Klismaphila is potentially one of the lesser-known kinks. This kink involves the practice of using an anal enema or douche to cleanse the anus. Typically used in preparation for anal sex or anal play for hygiene purposes, an enema is a practical tool for most but for some, it offers so much more. If you have a klismaphilia kink or fetish you get off on giving and/ or receiving enemas and we have everything you might possibly need…

Latex fetish 

Imagine being wrapped up and fully enclosed, tightly clad in rubbery latex firmly binding and embracing every inch of you. If this sounds intriguing or arousing then you may well be the proud owner of a latex fetish. 

This fetish refers to those who experience intense sexual desire when they see, wear or feel this figure-hugging and silhouette-defining material. We’re talking catsuits, elbow-length latex gloves, latex masks, the whole lot.

For some, it’s the feeling of tightness and being covered head to toe in a second skin. For others it’s the shiny wet look that accentuates the wearer's curves or the unique smell and taste, either way, there’s something about latex that excites beyond compare.

Medical fetish 

From naughty nurse and doctor roleplay to the arousal of receiving a sensual medical examination, there’s something about getting a once-over from a powerful practitioner that really works in the bedroom for some. Medical play lends itself fantastically to exploring the power dynamic of dom sub relationships and allows fetishists to collect a wonderful variety of accoutrements. From dilator sets to speculums and Wartburg pinwheels there's a massive variety of tools all promising different sensations to raise your pulse. 

Nylon fetish

Tights stockings and hosiery. Yep, this one definitely makes it onto the fetish list.

For obvious reasons, lingerie and underwear are extremely sexy but a nylon fetish refers to sexual arousal from this one specific type of material. Nylon fetishists report strong feelings of attraction to the tactile element of nylons and might experience great pleasure watching someone sensually slip into them or peel them off. Crotchless nylons are often worn during sex and the sensation of ripping or tearing them open can be a massive turn-on for these folks.

Objectum Sexuality

Objectum Sexuality is a fetish that refers to sexual attraction to inanimate objects. You might have heard of it already through headlines that depict people with this fetish as bizarre for feeling sexual desire towards things such as sex dolls, pillows and bikes. In reality by definition, all fetishes are attractions to inanimate objects, including lingerie, feet, nylons and even sex toys! So if you’ve ever been turned on at just the thought of your dildo, welcome to the club!

Public sex

The idea that you might be discovered in the act, the risk, the thrill. The naughtiness of it all is enough to make those with a public sex kink weak at the knees.

As well as being one of the most common kinks out there, public sex is surely one of the most self-explanatory kinks. These folks, often referred to as ‘exhibitionists’ enjoy getting down to it whilst out and about. From secluded woods to the office supply closet, this kink really brings a new meaning to “coming soon to a cinema near you”...


Let's face facts, hands are sexy. And our sense of touch is massively important when it comes to arousal. 

Quirofilia refers to the specific fetishisation of hands and all that they can do. This fetish can present itself as anything from an appreciation of a good manicure to massage and of course handjobs and fingering. What might surprise you about Quirofilia however, is that the act the hands are performing need not be inherently sexual to get someone with a hand fetish off. Everyday tasks like typing, washing dishes and folding clothes could be enough to intrigue hand fetishists. 

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