Kinks and Fetishes: R to Z

Kinks and Fetishes: R to Z

Fetishes and kinks are as diverse as people are, so it’s no shock to discover that people have different twists and turns in their turn-ons.

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Kink vs. Fetish: What's the difference?

What is a kink?

A kink is a sexual act or preference carried out solo or with a consenting partner(s) that is typically considered out of the mainstream. 

What is a fetish?

A fetish is a form of sexual desire in which gratification requires a particular object, activity or body part other than the sexual organs. A fetish although similar to a kink is something that must be present for the individual to feel sexual arousal.

Think of it like this, for those with a fetish (and no, not everyone has one) if sexual arousal was a bike, their particular fetish would be the wheels. Fundamental. Without them, the bike simply won’t go. Kinks, on the other hand, are more like adding pom poms on the handlebars or a cute little basket. Not necessarily essential to the ride but a fun and unique addition.

Consent and safewords

Most important to remember is, before you get down to it with your particular flavour of fetish or kink, ensure you’ve had a good chat and that everyone involved is on the same page, enthusiastically and continuously consenting. 

This, of course, applies to all kinds of sex but particularly when it comes to exploring new territory like discovering a kink, it's essential to discuss boundaries so that everyone can have a fabulous time. 

Role play

Role play is another absolute classic on the list of kinks. Its popularity is in part due to its ability to act as a form of escapism whereby people take on characters and construct elaborate scenarios to play out. 

The beauty of role-playing is in its versatility. You're only limited by your own imagination so you can try a different scene each time! And the best bit? For us, it has to be the costumes. Slipping into a naughty nurse costume or being a bad cop with your badge, belt and truncheon at the ready really helps you to get into it. 


Spanking involves hitting the skin with a hand or an object often delivering a sharp tingling sensation to whoever’s on the receiving end. Erotic spanking doesn't have to be harsh or painful but can be done lightly on less sensitive areas to enhance circulation in the area and increase sensitivity. Often spanking is followed by gentle caressing, licking or kissing of the spanked spot so it’s not necessarily all about BDSM and punishment, although it definitely can be. 

Tickling fetish

For many people growing up, tickling forms part of an introduction to playful touch and can be a sexual gateway to flirting. It's no wonder then that many people enjoy a tickling fetish in adulthood otherwise known as Knismophilia. It’s fun, and often involves lots of smiles, teasing and laughter and for ticklephiles it results in sexual urges and arousal.

For those with a tickle fetish, a number of factors come into play but one of the key draws of this magical kink is the loss of control. No matter how much the ticklee tries to restrain or hold back their reactions, chances are they will begin to fidget, squirm a little and crack a smile. 


Urophilia is the technical term for what's more commonly knowns as a golden shower, piss play or watersports. For people who partake in this kink, urination is sexually arousing and they can be on the giving or receiving end of it. If you're curious and fancy giving it a go, we’d recommend staring out in the actual shower for ease.


Voyeurism is the practice of gaining sexual satisfaction from watching other people whilst they are naked or having sex. When we talk about voyeurism in terms of the kink- we mean consensual voyeurism which is a very important distinction. Those with a voyeurism kink enjoy watching so this one is certainly not uncommon amongst sex partygoers. 

Wax play

Wax play is one of the most sensual things you can get up to as far as we’re concerned. Those with a particular penchant for the act are typically into temperature play which is a wonderful form of BSDM. imagine hot waxy elixir trickling down your spine, delivering shocking thrills and blissful pleasure in equal measure. If you’ve got a burning desire to give wax play a go make sure you're using the right candles…


If this one sounds a little extraterrestrial, that’s because it often is. Xenophilia is a fetish for all things foreign and unknown. In practice, this might look like an attraction to or preference for partners from different countries and cultures to your own and even stretches as far as sexual attraction to aliens. If you fantasise about being zapped up and are partial to a probing, you may well indeed be a xenophile.


We all love the intoxicating smell of freshly baked goods, but the existence of Yeastiality suggests some enjoy it a lot more than others and in a very different way…

Yeastiality denotes the sexual arousal some people experience as a response to baked food which has risen with yeast. When we think about it, dough can be similar to the feel of skin and perhaps there's something about the idea of it rising…

Some individuals with this fetish go all the way and have sex with baked goods but we’d recommend leaving them to cool before indulging in this sweet treat!

You’d be lying if you weren't questioning how they make that ring in the middle of doughnuts now…


The less rubbery sister to the latex fetish is the zentai fetish. 

Essentially, a zentai suit is a skin-tight full-body morphe suit often made of lycra or spandex. Zentai fetishists are primarily attracted to the way the suit feels against their skin and arousal is enhanced by the anonymity the suit offers. Covering the entirety of the body including the face, zentai suits allow the wearer a form of escapism so that they can become someone or something else. Those who partake in this particular flavour of fetish also describe a sense of safety from the outside world which sounds intriguing!

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