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Sex tips, advice on the best and latest toys and guides to everything from bondage to vibrator repair. Our blog is where you will find real-life experiences and recommendations to help you, and whoever you play with, get the most out of our sex toys and products. Fancy trying something new but unsure where to start? Or looking for thigh-trembling tricks to take things up a notch or two? Well then read on and see what our experts have to say. Still want more? Tweet us @harmonystoreuk and we will do our best to answer your questions. Our pleasure.

  • The Rules: How to watch Fifty Shades Darker

    The cinema is a lousy choice for a date. There, I have said it. Think about it, you and someone you want to have sex with go and sit in a dark room — which you are not allowed to talk or move in — with a hundred other people crunching popcorn and slurping drinks and tutting at each other. It’s like a sexless detention, and not the good kind.

    You both come out smelling of sugary sweets or soggy popcorn, having stuffed down a pizza before or straight after ...

  • WIN Signed Fifty Shades Goodies

    To celebrate the launch of Fifty Shades Darker, we are giving you the chance to WIN signed EL James goodies.

    The three prizes are:

    Signed Fifty Shades Of Grey Hard Limits Universal Restraint Kit

    Signed Fifty Shades Red Room Collection Paddle - Limited Edition

    Signed Fifty Shades Red Room Collection Blindfold - Limited Edition

    All you need to do to WIN one of these prizes is answer this simple question:

    QUESTION: What is Mr Grey's first name?

    Christopher, Christian or Chris

    How To Enter

    1. Fill in your email address, first name and competition answer in ...

  • How to eat food and actually get laid on Valentine’s day

    It’s Valentine’s day and couples up and down the country are clambering over each other to book that all-important table for two. Every year they arrive two-by-two desperate to escape the floods of the unlucky and ill-fated in love. Or at least in table bookings.

    Once seated across from their date, they intimately enjoy the elbows and eye contact of an ark full of lovers wondering, yet again, how they ended up at this sexless, over-priced orgy of mass catering, instead of terrorising the neighbours with their banshee like orgasms.


  • How to give an erotic massage

    Learn how to give an erotic massage and it can easily become part of foreplay, giving you and your partner more of a chance to build a connection both physically and emotionally before sex. There are erogenous zones located all over the body: from the backs of knees and elbows to the more obvious ones such as the nape of the neck and nipples. The beauty of erotic massage is that it’s a great way to explore your partner's body, working out which of these zones are particularly sensitive to ...

  • The year in Sex Toys | A sex toy calendar

    What if there was a 2017 sex toy calendar

    There’s one gift that I know I’m going to get for Christmas, every year, without fail. A calendar. It’s one of those dead cert presents and it always comes from the same person. They also, generally speaking, run along the same lines each year in terms of the type of calendar they get me. Give or take the odd occasion when said gift-giver goes off the rails and buys me one with comical images of goats in trees, or black cartoon ...

  • Christmas gifts to sex up the festive season

    Chocolate, booze and Turkey – tis the season for overindulgence. But if your tastes are more Christmas pounding than Christmas pudding, here are some sexy seasonal gifts to offer respite from the crap Christmas telly and your Dad’s charades.

    Satin Love Ties

    Love tiesNothing says Christmas like red satin. Festive-up your light bondage sessions with these Happy Lola Satin Love Ties. With two 2.5 metre ribbons there’s enough to go round wrists and ankles and anything else you can get ...

  • Christmas Posting Dates

    Check our Christmas posting dates to make sure your sexy gift arrives on time

    Increased heart rate; a feeling of despair; nervousness that can lead to panic and sweating as you ponder whether or not the gifts you just ordered will turn up before December 25th. These are common symptoms of Last-Minute-Christmas-shopping-itus.

    Avoid being struck down with this common festive-season complaint, by making sure you place your order with Harmony before the last Christmas posting date deadlines.

    If you want to order a sexy gift from us and make total ...

  • It’s time to crack out the pink sex toys

    Pink sex toys, are, in many ways the only exception to the rule for people that don’t “do” pink. Unless you are lucky enough to be able to pull off pink clothes – and believe me, if you can successfully pink-up your wardrobe, then good luck to you – there are very few occasions in life that we need pink. Aforementioned pinkophiles can get off here, you are on your own; you already know what colour vibrator makes your vagina pop.

    Everyone else, here’s why pink is not just ...

  • How to use a strapless strap-on

    Tips on how to use a strapless strap-on dildo

    We admit it: when you first set eyes on a strapless strap-on it is possibly one of the most confusing looking couples sex toys out there. But if you’re the sort that relishes a challenge, wants something different to play with, or you dislike the clunky feel of a strap-on harness, then read on, because you may have just discovered a new treasure and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.

    What is a strapless strap-on?

    First, what’s ...

  • Bondage on a Budget

    Dabbling in a bit of BDSM has become the norm for many couples, but often the kit can be expensive. However, there are many attractive and sensuous ranges like Sex & Mischief, Fetish Fantasy and even Lelo, that design equipment which doesn't break the bank, but is still comfortable to use, expertly designed and allows you to safely live out your sexier fantasies. It is possible to do budget bondage! Perfect for those new to light bondage play and wanting to experiment, or those looking for the next step up ...

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