A Guide to: Erogenous Zones

A Guide to: Erogenous Zones

There are many iconic moments in Friends but surely one of the most memorable is when Monica teaches a bemused Chandler about the body’s erogenous zones. Mapping out the different areas of the body with the tip of her pen – “A 1… a 1… a 1-2-3…” – she peaks with an almighty, cushion-clutching “Seven! SEVEN! SEVEN!!”

From obvious places like the nipples, clitoris or g-spot, to more subtle ones like the hairline, back of the knees or top of the butt, there are countless ways to send shivers down your lover’s spine.

Do you know how – and where – to please your bedroom playmate? When it comes to their sexual experience, is your imagination limitless, or is your sex life repertoire reduced to a few firm favourites that always do the trick? 

Easy Toys Feather Tickler

Body Mapping 

Quite literally does what it says on the tin. Body mapping is a great excuse to get handsy with each other and find out what does – and what doesn’t – rev up your other half’s sex drive. So often we think that just because something works for us, and turns us on, our partner will feel exactly the same way. But what can send one person through the roof with raging desire can make another run for the bedroom door.


Whether you’re using your hands, or something more tantalising like this Feather Tickler from Easy Toys, or the So Divine Vibrating Finger Stimulator, exploring your whole body can take sexual arousal to new levels, as well as revealing hot spots you might not be aware of. It’s a whole new world at your fingertips!



Fever Fishnet Hold-Ups - Black

From Head to Toe...

With thousands of nerve endings, the scalp is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and is deserving of some dedicated time and attention. Whether it’s running your hands through your significant other’s hair, dropping gentle butterfly kisses along the hairline, or giving it a rough and ready tug, some follicular foreplay can give an unexpected rush of endorphins where you least expect it.


Whether you’re into ‘shrimping’ (where your lover sucks your toes), you want to worship at the altar of a (very) high heel, or your blood pressure rockets at the thought of a sensual foot massage, the feet hold a unique place in the world of sexual pleasure.


If feet are your thing, then maximise that mental stimulation by treating them to a little bit of luxury. From hot-under-the-collar Black Fishnet Hold-Ups from Fever or these 2 Tone Stockings with Backseam and Cuban heel from Leg Avenue, to saucy White Lace Anklets and naughty Knee High Socks, there’s something to kick off every kind of ankle-driven imagination.


Pleasure Pumps Vibrating Nipple Teasers


Flick ‘em, lick ‘em, twist ‘em and tease ‘em – nipples are the body’s go-to button for an instant erotic reaction. But did you know that there are different types of orgasm, or that you can experience orgasm from nipple play alone?


Sex researchers have discovered that our super-sensitive nipples are packed with hundreds of nerve endings. Collectively, these nerve endings send sparks all the way to the same area of the brain that’s aroused by vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation, or penis stimulation. It’s actually possible to have a full-on nipple orgasm without going anywhere near the clitoris, vagina, or penis – great news for anyone who isn’t into penetrative sex.


Give things a squeeze with a pair of beautiful 4-Point Nipple Grips and Chain or try these Weighted Tweezer Nipple Clamps on for size, both from Cal Exotics. Plump for a pair of Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps or add some suction in for good measure with the Pleasure Pumps Vibrating Nipple Teasers, both guaranteed to make your partner’s heart rate soar.


Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker
Svakom Emma Neo Interactive App Controlled Warming Wand Vibrator

From the Front ...

No surprise here that the genitals are the body’s prime erogenous zones. From grinding and stroking, to oral and penetration, the penis and the vagina are the body’s original multi-taskers, pleasure and procreation all rolled into one!


Pleasure is of course the name of the game here at Harmony and for those with a penis, the cupboards are stocked to bursting point with toys designed for different types of stimulation. Try the innovative TENGA Hard Boiled Egg, the male masturbator that cracks open to reveal a single-use stretchy sleeve complete with its own lube. Or turbo-charge your lovemaking with the Fun Factory Manta Rechargeable Vibrating Male Stroker, which sends vibrations down your penis and also gives ‘deep throat’ sensations during a spot of oral sex.


For people who enjoy vaginal intercourse and the mind-blowing female orgasm, genital stimulation offers pure sexual satisfaction. With the labia, clitoris, vulva, vagina, and G-spot all located in one tiny but mighty area, the possibilities for vaginal orgasm are endless. Our range of sex toys is, of course, more than up to the challenge.


For deep vibrations and the added bonus of detachable bunny ears, the Svakom Emma Neo Interactive App-Controlled Warming Wand Vibrator is svelte, sleek, and devilishly effective. Or turn your tongue into your partner’s wildest dreams with the Screaming O LingO Vibrating Tongue Ring.


For penetration, our dildos come in all sizes, shapes, colours and materials, including glass, like the beautiful Spectrum Ribbed S-Spot Dildo. Designed to make your vaginal walls tremble and shudder from its rigid, uncompromising structure, the back and forth from this is highly likely to induce a spot of female ejaculation, one of the most pleasurable experiences in the bedroom.


If a clitoral orgasm is the thing of your dreams - and let’s face it, there aren’t many things better than a knee-shaking, thigh-thundering, skin-quivering, full-body orgasm radiating out from your clit! - try the uniquely versatile Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator from Svakom. With delicate fingers on one end and a bulbous tip on the other, this deliciously flexible toy can be used externally and internally. Or try a kiss of air with the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator. Featuring Pleasure Air Technology and 6 vibrating intensity levels,  this clitoral stimulator delivers gentle suction and soft massaging airwaves, without actually touching the clitoris. If you’re someone who has a sensitive clit that often stops full-blown clitoral sexual activity, this is an absolute game changer.


Coco de Mer Black Leather Small Flogger

...To the Back

Ass, arse, bum, derriere – whatever you call it, a juicy bottom can provide hours of fun in its own right, inside and out. Bursting with nerves primed for sexual response, whether you’re caressing the curves, giving a rim job, or going all in for some mind-bending prostate play, the ass is a playground of sexual pleasure and deserving of its status as one of the body’s most prominent erogenous zones.


To point you toward a sheet-clutching, toe-curling anal orgasm, we’ve picked some of our favourite toys from Harmony’s extensive Anal Toys range. For delicious spankings guaranteed to leave their mark, wrap your hands around a Harmony Black Leather Paddle, a luxury Coco de Mer Black Leather Flogger or an all-time classic, the Bound To Please Faux Leather Riding Crop.


If you want to try butt plugs on for size, then the Love To Love Open Roses Silicone Plug is quite simply beautiful, while anal beads like this Vibrating Bumpy Bead Set from Adam & Eve are perfect for curious beginners. You’ll be begging for more in no time at all!



ElectraStim - Explorer Finger Sleeves

…To Everything In Between

Located in between the ass and the penis or vagina, the perineum is the body’s erogenous secret. Rich with nerves and tantalisingly placed, one swift lick of this with the tongue can send the eyes rolling into the back of the head. Use your fingers, use a toy, or why not try a spark of electricity with our range of ElectroSex Toys? Slip this into your repertoire and your playmates will think you the stuff of bedroom legend.



So there you have it - a handy (literally!) guide to some of the body’s most pleasurable erogenous zones. Don’t just take our word for it - get busy in the bedroom for a never-ending journey of discovery that only ever leads to a more intimate relationship, with your partner or your bedroom buddy, and of course, yourself!