Galentine's Day: How to Be the Best Best Friend this February 13th

Galentine's Day: How to Be the Best Best Friend this February 13th

A day to smother your nearest and dearest mates with the love and affection they truly deserve.


Okay, so perhaps it’s not the most official of holidays but it’s certainly one we see worthy of celebration at Harmony. Just as important as Valentine’s Day (if not more so) Galentine’s Day (or Palentine’s Day), is a day to celebrate your gal pals or besties who are often there for you in ways a significant other can’t be.

Yes, Galentine’s Day is a celebration of non-romantic love. And after January, the most miserable month of the year - with a special shoutout to failed resolutions and dry Januarys that could at best be described as moist - who could possibly be against an excuse to spread the platonic love a little? After all, lovers come and go but best friends are for the keeping!

For those of you who fall into the category of detesting Valentine’s Day and its commercial nature, perhaps Galentine’s Day might be ever so slightly more up your street. And hey if its not, you can give it a miss!

What is Galentine’s Day?

First popularised by the beloved Leslie Knope of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, the celebration of female friendship as portrayed on screen, has absolutely no rules or traditions and there’s zero obligation to spend. On Galentine’s Day, you do things entirely your way!

For Leslie that meant gathering together her lady friends to ‘kick it breakfast-style’ at brunch, chowing down on waffles and presenting her BFFs with framed mosaic portraits of their faces. Ok, the framed portraits might be a little intense but celebrating friendship AND the possibility of brunching - is this maybe starting to sound like the best day of the year?

Who Can Celebrate Galentine’s Day?

Despite the name, Galentine’s is a heavenly 24 hours that can be celebrated by anyone, not just the gals - hence the coining of Palentine’s Day! At its mushy core, Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day is a gushy and let’s face it quite a cheesy day. And that’s the beauty of it. Of course, celebrate your pals all year round, or sporadically when the urge strikes! Text them when something randomly reminds you of them and tell them how much you value their friendship any or every day of the year. Galentines Day simply marks a time for honouring the most important people in your life who stick by your side. So celebrate with any and all friends, no matter their gender.

How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day 2023

Wanna know the best bit? There are no rules and no right or wrong way to celebrate! Whether you dish out the Galentine’s Day cards or pour your heart and soul into throwing a Galentines Day party is entirely up to you!

So, we say there are no hard and fast rules.... (which is true) unless you want our recommendations for potential Galentine’s Day gifts, then things can get pretty hard or fast... and oh-so-pleasurable.

Again, there’s no nothing that says you must surprise your pals with a gift bag every February 13th but if you feel so inclined then here are a couple of ideas. And the great thing about getting your mate a gift is that because we often share lesser-known and more personal stuff with our nearest and dearest besties, chances are you know pretty well what they might be into...

For your friend who is just dipping their toe into the pool of pleasure.

Got a mate who’s newly exploring their desires and doesn’t quite know where to start? A simple bullet vibrator could be the perfect introduction to blissful sensations and can be used all over the body to stimulate multiple erogenous zones. Plus their compact size makes them the least intimidating of sex toys and ideal for first-timers.

For your kinky companion or your friend with a lack of self-restraint... we have just the thing. 

A pair of deliciously naughty leather wrist restraints that will fully immerse them in their wildest BDSM fantasies. If your friend is curious about bondage, let us show them the ropes (wink wink).

For your bestie who deserves a whole lotta TLC.

Nothing says ‘I appreciate you’ quite like investing in your friend’s relaxation. Help them to unwind and set up their own spa day with a lightly coconut-scented silky warming massage oil. Oh and there’s no reason you shouldn’t pop an extra one in your basket for yourself...