Best Bluetooth Sex Toys

Best Bluetooth Sex Toys

So first up, what’s a Bluetooth Sex Toy?

In short, it's a sex toy that connects to your smartphone over Bluetooth, turning your phone into the remote control and opening up a whole new world of pleasure possibilities!

Sometimes referred to as teledildonics, there are now a host of toys with Bluetooth connectivity that can be controlled via a smartphone app over wifi, each offering a load of different features to take your play to another level. 

Make it personal

Many toys, like the We-Vibe Chorus for example, can be controlled in a different way through the app. Although the Chorus comes with 10 pre-set vibration patterns, using the app you can create your very own custom vibe pattern and save it for future use. You can even control the vibes in the moment using the touch function, as every tap or slide of your finger over the screen translates instantly to the vibration.

Get interactive with your solo play

Sex toys like the Neo range by Svakom include a feature that allows you to sync your toy with interactive video content for a fully immersive masturbation experience. By opening a website such as pornhub through the app and selecting an interactive video, the toy will only vibrate or thrust when the video features foreplay and/or penetration, allowing you to feel the action as it happens!

Hand over control to your partner

One of the great uses of Bluetooth sex toys is the option to hand over control to your lover. Connect your partner’s phone through the app and they’re now in charge of the vibrations (and your orgasms!). They can set the pattern, the intensity, even in the case of dual-motor toys like the We-Vibe Nova, they can control each motor independently so that you never know what’s coming next! 

A great way to spice up your sex life, this can make for amazing foreplay, and not just in the bedroom. Try the We-Vibe Moxie, a discreet panty vibrator that no one will know you’re wearing and your partner can control it when you’re out in public - making that date night even more exciting!

Play long-distance

The major and most-used feature of app-controlled vibrators is the ability to hand over control to your lover, no matter where they are in the world. So even if you’re in an LDR, you can still connect on an intimate level. 

Making a long-distance relationship work isn’t easy at the best of times. With the challenges caused by the global pandemic, more and more couples are finding themselves geographically separated or apart for longer periods of time. Using sex toys together is a powerful way to increase intimacy with your significant other, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. 

What’s more, the app allows you to fully personalise the experience for both of you with in-app text chat and interactive video calling along with the ability to set the vibrations to music or whatever tempo and pattern your lover decides.


So whether you're looking for a long-distance sex toy or just want some fresh excitement for masturbation, here are a few of our favourite Bluetooth sex toys.

We-Vibe Moxie Clitoral Vibrator


Available in the original mint green and now also in satin black, the Moxie from We-Vibe is one of the most popular wearable vibrators, thanks to its handy pebble-shaped magnet that keeps it firmly in place. 

Slide it into your underwear, position it against your vulva and the magnet will keep it there, whether you’re lying, sitting, standing or even walking. Designed to be discreet, Moxie is whisper-quiet so the only sound you will need to worry about is your own excitement. Ideal if you want to use it out in public for some date night foreplay! Sync it to your phone and using the We-Connect app, your partner can set the tempo and choose from over 10 deep rumbly vibration modes to bring you to a powerful orgasm.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibrator


If you love the dual stimulation of a rabbit vibrator but want to involve your long-distance lover in your play, the Nova 2 by We-Vibe is the sex toy you need. Made of super-soft silicone, Nova is highly flexible and bendable to fit your unique shape, keeping constant contact with your clitoris while stimulating your G-spot.

With its two powerful motors, using the We-Connect app your partner can tease you with just the clitoral stimulator or add in the deep rumbly vibrations of the g-spot vibrator too. For added personalisation, your partner can choose ‘Beat Mode’ in the app to set the vibrations against a favourite tune or the sound of their voice - meaning their words will literally bring you to orgasm!

Svakom Alex Neo Thrusting Masturbator


Designed with a super-soft stroker sleeve that is textured to create a lifelike grabbing sensation, the Alex Neo features 7 auto-thrusting modes. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy masturbation, connect the Alex Neo through the app to an interactive video and it will sync with the action in the video, putting you almost literally into the action. Alternatively, if you want to connect with a long-distance partner, they can take control of the powerful thrusting motor instead, setting the speed and edging you to a mind-blowing climax!

We-Vibe Chorus


This couple's vibrator doesn’t just have to be enjoyed during penetration but makes a great toy for solo play too. The larger arm bends around the body to sit against the clitoris while the smaller arm fits inside the vagina resting against the g-spot giving you a totally different dual-stimulation sensation.

Connect to the app and set the tempo and vibration pattern yourself, or let your partner take you on an orgasmic journey from anywhere in the world!

Svakom Vick Neo Prostate Massager


With its beautifully sculpted body, the Vick Neo is designed to bend and adapt to your body with the perfect angle for simultaneous stimulation against the p-spot and perineum. And stimulating both these highly erogenous zones together makes for a mind-blowing orgasm!

With its sophisticated high-quality silicone body, the Vick Neo is completely waterproof for easy cleaning and hygiene maintenance. Boasting 7 sensual vibration settings and 5 levels of intensity from powerful dual motors, this massager is perfect for exploration into intimate interactive pleasure.

Once connected to the Svakom and FeelConnect 3.0 mobile apps, the Vick Neo comes into its own. Designed to sync with erotic in-app videos, your long-distance lover, or seductive cam performers, the app technology gives them the power to control your vibrator directly in real-time to form a more pleasurable, intimate, connection.

Svakom Emma Neo Warming Wand Vibrator


With its gold detailing, smooth black silicone body and detachable bunny ears, this award-winning vibrator is as beautiful as it is versatile. With a self-heating core that heats to 38C for a deliciously warming and natural feel, its powerful vibrations can be enjoyed across the body as a wand massager. Attach the ears and it turns into a brilliant rabbit vibrator for intense clitoral stimulation! To give your partner control, simply sync the Emma Neo to your phone via Bluetooth and through the smartphone apps they can choose from 5 vibration and speed settings or set their own intensity level for you to enjoy.

Svakom Ella Neo Bluetooth Bullet Vibrator


Petite yet powerful, this beautifully textured little bullet packs a punch with 11 different vibration patterns to explore. The Ella Neo is particularly versatile, use it to tease the clitoris, inside the vagina as a g-spot vibrator, or even as a butt plug for a bit of anal play, giving you a multitude of sensations to enjoy. Sync it to the Svakom or FeelConnect 3 apps and allow your long-distance partner to take you on a journey of pleasure, no matter where they are in the world. Thanks to its discreet shape and flexible silicone cord, you can even use it as a wearable vibrator when you’re out and about - meaning you can still indulge in some naughty foreplay!

Fancy something different?

These are just a few of the many remote control vibrators we have available at Harmony.

For more, take a look at our range of We-Vibe and Svakom products.

All of the sex toys listed are fully rechargeable and use smartphone apps that can work on both iOS and Android devices. For added pleasure and comfort, we always recommend the use of a good water-based lube. (Remember not to use silicone lubes with silicone toys!).