Best Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

Best Vibrators for Clitoral Stimulation

While some women are lucky enough to be able to climax from penetration alone, according to the Kinsey Institute, over 70% rely on external stimulation to reach orgasm. No wonder, then, that clitoral vibrators are often one of the first sex toys that people look to, both for solo masturbation and to use with a partner, when they’re looking to enhance their sex life.

From bullets to wands and not forgetting that classic rabbit, there are hundreds to choose from. To help you choose what’s best for you, we’ve listed the different types of sex toys available to stimulate the clitoris and highlighted a couple of our favourites.



Bullet Vibrators

The original… and the best? Often pocket-sized, the trusty little bullet is often the first vibrator people select. Ideal for stowing away in the bedside drawer to grab in the heat of the moment, bullets give pinpoint stimulation, just where you want it. Use it on the clit, but you can also use it across the body during foreplay, try it over the nipples and perineum too!

Rocks Off 80mm Single Speed


If you want something simple and without a hefty price tag, the Rocks Off Single Speed Bullet is hard to beat. Available in a range of colours, it still rocks plenty of power but isn’t loaded with loads of confusing vibration patterns, making it ideal for first-timers.

We-Vibe Tango X


For the bullet connoisseur, try the newly launched Tango X. For over 10 years, the original Tango was one of the world’s most popular vibrators. A decade on, We-Vibe have given their classic toy a serious upgrade with a re-engineered motor to give deeper, rumbly vibrations along with a new soft silicone handle making it easier to grip. It features 7 different vibration modes, 8 intensity levels and it's even fully waterproof for use in the bathroom!

Rabbit Vibrators

Say the word vibrator and most people will immediately think of the classic rabbit shape. Designed to give both clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time to give a ‘blended orgasm’, it’s no wonder these are often thought to be the best sex toys!

Fun Factory Lady Bi


Clitoris, G-spot, A-spot - this is one rabbit vibrator that hits them all! The longer shaft length and a firmer curved tip of the Fun Factory Lady Bi lend itself beautifully to A-spot stimulation - the erogenous zone that's close to the cervix and can offer highly intense pleasure when stimulated. A thicker ridge towards the base of the shaft provides a fuller feeling as well as g-spot stimulation. Remaining outside the body is a smooth, wide labia and clitoral stimulator giving you that much-loved dual stimulation that only rabbit vibrators can offer. With 6 rumbly vibration speeds and a further 6 rhythms, The Lady Bi also features two individually controlled powerful motors allowing you to tailor your erotic experience.

Happy Rabbit Beaded G-Spot


Happy by name, happy by nature! Made of body-safe silicone, this Happy Rabbit vibrator features two delicate bunny ears to give targeted stimulation against the clitoris along with a whopping 9 different vibration settings on the external arm alone. The shaft has a further 3 speeds, delivering a thrilling whirling motion making it the ultimate g-spot vibrator. 100% waterproof, usb rechargeable and with a travel lock, it has all the features you need and expect in a trusty rabbit.

Wearable Vibrators

Slipped into your underwear and nestled against your labia, wearable clit vibrators are perfect for some hands-free fun! Use it at home on your own, or for an extra thrill, wear it out in public and give the remote control to your partner for some incredibly cheeky foreplay.

We-Vibe Moxie


We-Vibe’s Moxie is one of the most popular wearable panty vibrators, thanks to its handy pebble-shaped magnet that keeps it firmly in place. Simply slide the Moxie into any underwear you choose, position it against your vulva and the magnet will keep it there, whether you’re lying, sitting, standing or even walking. Designed to be discreet, Moxie is whisper-quiet so the only sound you will need to worry about is your own excitement! For long-distance love, sync it to your phone and using the We-Connect app, your partner can control the 10 deep rumbly vibration modes to bring you to a powerful orgasm from anywhere in the world!

Red Revolution Aphrodite


Made from super-soft medical-grade silicone, the Aphrodite by Dream Toys has a unique shape, ergonomically curved to fit perfectly against your vulva. The rounded nub delivers 9 different vibration patterns and 3 varying levels of intensity, directly against the clitoris for mind-blowing orgasms. What we really love about this clitoral vibrator is the wireless remote control. Not only is it disguised as a lipstick making it brilliantly inconspicuous for some naughty public play, but it's also a bullet vibrator itself - two for the price of one!

Suction Stimulators

When they launched their patented Pleasure Air Technology, Womanizer revolutionized the world of sex toys. Without any direct contact on the clitoris itself, these toys stimulate with pulses of air resulting in a different type of orgasm. Even more, because it doesn’t directly touch the clit, it avoids over-stimulation and the desensitising effect, making multiple orgasms not just possible, but guaranteed!

Liberty by Lily Allen


Lily Allen took the world by storm in 2020 when she launched her own version of the renowned Womanizer Liberty. Small and compact, the Liberty has 6 intensity levels that are simple and easy to control. Find the pulsation level that works for you, then you can hold the Liberty in place by pressing your thighs together. Lie back and just enjoy waves of pleasure!

Womanizer Premium


The Womanizer Premium is exactly that - the premium pleasure toy. Delivering explosive orgasms, Premium massages the clitoris with the intense push and pull of suctioned air over 12 intensity levels. Featuring discreet Smart Silence, the toy is only active when in contact with your skin plus its fully waterproof and rechargeable via a magnetic charger. What really sets the Premium apart though is Autopilot. Which does exactly what it says. Once you envelop your clit with the silicone head, let Autopilot take the lead, delivering 12 intensity levels at random so you never know what comes next!

Flickers, Lickers & Oral Simulators

It’s fair to say that inventors of sex toys are some very creative people! We all thought standard vibrators were great until they started changing the shapes and vibration patterns giving us so many new options including things with a flickering ‘tongue’ and ones that even simulate oral sex. With varying intensity levels and other functions, these vibrators get use all year long, not just during Christmas or Valentine's Day!

California Dreaming Pasadena Player


The California Dreaming Pasadena Player is a rabbit vibrator on another level. The shaft has 3 rotation functions to deliver a thrilling internal massage but it's the clitoral stimulator that gives a one-of-a-kind pleasure experience. With 10 independent vibration functions, the tongue-like teaser flicks and licks over the clitoris for body-quivering orgasms!

Lelo Ora 3


The award-winning Lelo Ora 3 is something completely different when it comes to vibrators and many agree it’s the closest you can get to simulating oral sex. Its unique design has a ball-shaped ‘tongue’ under the soft silicone that moves and rotates as if it were a real tongue teasing your clitoris.

Wand Vibrators

There's a reason these excellent toys are called magic wands! The broad mushroom head of these stimulators lets you cover as wide an area as possible, meaning they work really well as general purpose body massagers too. This is actually what they were originally, and sometimes still are, marketed as, but everyone knows what they’re really used for! Whilst there is a great range of cordless rechargeable wands now available, some of the best are mains-operated to offer the deepest, powerful vibrations.

Doxy Number 3


3 words: power, power and power. Doxy Wands are some of the most intense in the business, but when you go for the Number 3 model you also get a compact and nimble frame in the bargain, with a gorgeous flexible head and an extra long power cord allowing you to get lost in the moment and produce untold levels of pleasure with these "good vibrations."

So Divine Sweetest Taboo


With a motor at each end, this genius little wand offers double the pleasure! Use the flexible rounded end as a massager across the body and for intense clitoral stimulation, then use the tapered end internally like a dildo. The Sweetest Taboo Massaging Wand by So Divine, really does offer a FULL body massage! Plus, unlike a lot of wands, it's completely waterproof, allowing you to take your pleasure into the bath or shower.

Explore the whole range

There’s a whole range of vibrators designed to offer direct clitoral stimulation and so many have additional benefits to one's overall wellness too. So whether you’re looking for something with deep rumbling vibes or something that you can use internally too, your vibrator is yours to use as you wish. Just remember to use a good water-based lube when using internally or across the vulva.

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