Better Female Orgasms

Better Female Orgasms

Let's talk about female orgasms. Whether you’re looking for advice or just want to understand more about how the female body works then you’re in the right place.

When it comes to female orgasms, you may feel there is something missing from your sex life if this is something you or your partner struggle with. Truth be told, it is perfectly normal and something many have concerns over. So take the pressure off yourself and stop thinking it’s your fault because over-thinking will only push you further away from the big o.

What is a female orgasm and how does it feel?

Let's start by pinning down what the female orgasm is and how it feels. An orgasm can be best described as a feeling of intense pleasure which occurs during sexual activity. You can achieve an orgasm through masturbation or a sexual encounter. Whilst your erogenous zones or pleasure points are being stimulated, you‘ll feel aroused and a build-up of uncontrollable pleasure. The blood flow in your genital area begins to increase and your heart rate speeds up, which may lead to heavy breathing. As you approach your climax, you‘ll experience an overwhelming pleasurable release which may be accompanied by contractions of your genital muscles and ejaculation.

The female orgasm may be harder to identify than that of the male but it can be just as pleasurable and achieved in the same way, through sexual arousal.


Are there different types of orgasm?

As if the female orgasm wasn’t complex enough - yes, there are multiple types of orgasm. Women experience orgasm through different types of stimulation including, anal, clitoral, nipple and vaginal. In other words, if you can stimulate it, you can have an orgasm from it. There are a variety of ways you can stimulate these areas but let’s take a closer at two of the most popular, clitoral and vaginal orgasms.


Clitoral Orgasms

Situated at the front of the vulva, next to the labia, the clitoris is not only easy to get to but has lots of nerve endings providing great sexual pleasure when stimulated. Whether you’re looking to masturbate or pleasure a partner, clitoral stimulation is an effective way of reaching intense orgasms. You can stimulate the clitoris using your fingers or a sex toy. Alternatively, you could get a partner to do this or even try oral sex. As we know each body is unique and what one person does to reach a clitoral orgasm may not work for another so the best option is to experiment and see what works for you.


Vaginal Orgasms 

Moving onto vaginal orgasms or what is commonly referred to as G-Spot orgasms. There are several ways you can stimulate the G-spot and this can be fun to do alone or with a partner. Before you can achieve a vaginal orgasm, it’s important you know where the G-Spot is. If this is something you’re new to or it’s your first time using a toy then you may find our How to find my G-Spot blog helpful for advice and useful tips. Your G-Spot can be stimulated with a sex toy but you’ll need a G-Spot vibrator or dildo to target this internal pleasure point. If you’re not one for sex toys then you can try and reach a G-Spot orgasm the good old-fashioned way, penetrative sex. Trying different sex positions will help you discover which feel most comfortable and hit the perfect spot. 

It’s important to outline that you shouldn’t feel disappointed if you’re unable to orgasm at any time as there are a whole number of factors that can affect this including your, mental health, sexual health, sex drive, or even the mood you’re in.


What can I use to encourage better orgasms?

Sex toys are a great way of stimulating your erogenous zones and encouraging orgasms. However, choosing your sex toy depends on what type of orgasm you're wanting to experience. If you're looking for clitoral orgasms then we recommend a bullet vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango USB Rechargeable (£59.99), offering powerful pinpoint stimulation and 8 vibration modes. For both pleasure and fun, you could try the Rocks Off Silhouette Dark Desires (£24.99). The box set includes a bullet vibrator and 2 attachments for different types of sensations and some dreamy sensual play. Why not try using these when you get some alone time or integrate them into foreplay with a partner to kickstart your sex session.

We-Vibe Tango USB Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator
Loving Joy DUA Interchangeable Silicone Vibrator

If you’re looking to venture into internal stimulation you could explore G-Spot vibrators which are perfect for encouraging vaginal orgasms. The elegantly curved, Adrien Lastic NYX G-Spot vibrator (£34.99) boasts an 8 inch soft, silky silicone body with 8 vibration modes. For dual stimulation, we have a wide range of rabbit vibrators like the VIVE Cato Pulse (£89.99). This rabbit vibrator features a fluttery rabbit ear arm so you can stimulate your clitoris as well as your G-Spot. Moreover, the climax button allows you to turn all motors up to a maximum ready for an intense orgasm. Alternatively, the Loving Joy DUA (£99.99) is ideal if you’re looking for a vibrator that doubles up as a massager. Featuring two attachments, a sumptuous massaging wand and curvaceous rabbit for when you’re feeling like a bit of rough and ready or in need of some rest and relaxation. To make the experience as pleasurable as possible and provide you with maximum comfort, we recommend you accompany your sex toy with lube.

To make the experience as pleasurable as possible and provide you with maximum comfort, we recommend you accompany your sex toy with lube.

Training your pelvic floor muscles can also help encourage better orgasms. Strengthening these muscles provide plenty of health benefits including helping with back pain, weak bladders and pain during sex. Whether you suffer with any of the above or just want better orgasms, kegel exercises will greatly contribute to your wellness. Je Joue Ami Kegel Toning System (£44.99) makes kegel exercises easy and pleasurable. The set includes 3 kegel balls of different shapes and weights allowing you to train at your own pace.

Je Joue Ami Kegel Toning System

For something a little more simple but just as effective, orgasm boosters are a great way to spice things up. System Jo VOLT 12V Female Arousing Serum (£17.99) helps provide the extra sensation you may need to reach the orgasm you desire. You can find the whole range of orgasm boosters under our Essentials > Better Sex For Her category.


How to have better orgasms

There is no definitive way of achieving an orgasm but here are 5 things you should remember for better orgasms:

  1. Experiment - Try out different stimulation techniques on all parts of the erogenous zones. One area may be more sensitive than another and therefore will provide the best orgasm when stimulated correctly.

  2. Communication - I'm not saying go and see a sex therapist but rather listen to what the body wants. Whether you're doing it alone or with a partner, communication is key to finding out what your or a partner wants.

  3. No pressure - You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself or a partner to orgasm. At the end of the day, you can still have fun without an orgasm and pressure is likely to discourage an orgasm.

  4. Research- Reading information like this or conversing with others who may also be struggling to orgasm or maybe they’re a pro and can share a few tips, will open your eyes to things you should or shouldn’t do to achieve better orgasms.

  5. Sex Toys & Orgasm Boosters - Make stimulating your pleasure points easier by trying out different sex toys and orgasm boosters. Just don’t forget to use lubrication if it’s your first time or to get things going quicker.