For Love to Love, sex toys
are a form of modern art.
Their quirky and playful
designs exude creativity
and originality in the most
exciting and taboo-breaking

A pioneer in the sex toy industry since 2004, Love to Love takes intriguing and appealing everyday items, holds them up to the light and admires them with complete curiosity. This desire to innovate and cheekily transform seemingly innocent objects into lighthearted and unique sex toys has seen them established as avant-garde champions making their mark on the modern sex toy world!

Driven by innovation and with a tendency to break the rules, this brand continues to grow in the competitive sex toy market. And the cherry on the cake? Love to Love marries up the best of design and functionality, refusing to compromise on either. Offering gorgeous tongue-in-cheek designs with innovative twists on the most loved classic sex toys, you simply can't go wrong…

With an extensive range from the Iscream Dildo and the Bunny and Clyde Rabbit Vibrator to the Open Roses Butt Plug, dare to try something new and see the pleasure potential in the everyday.

Exclusive to Harmony, you won't be able to get your hands on these Love to Love wonders elsewhere so get adding to your basket today!

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Love to Love Cand'ice Clitoral Stimulator - Raspberry Jolly
Love to Love Cool Ring Cock Ring - Teal Me
Love to Love Touch Me Finger Vibrator - Teal Me
Love to Love Hot Spot Clitoral Stimulator
Love to Love I-Doll Vibrator
Love to Love Wonderlover Remote Control Couples Vibrator
As low as £109.99
Love to Love Fireball Body Massager
As low as £59.99
Love to Love Cool Ring Cock Ring - Black Onyx
Love to Love Per Fit Kit Geisha Balls
As low as £44.99
Love to Love Joia Geisha Balls
As low as £26.99
Love to Love Open Roses Anal Plug Large Black Onyx
Love to Love Dildolls Utopia 7 inch Dildo

12 Items

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