How to Use Nipple Clamps

How to Use Nipple Clamps


Nipple clamps are possibly one of the smallest BDSM tools, but my word do they pack a punch.

Typically crafted of metal with rubber tips for extra comfort, a clamp attaches to either side of the nipple. The sensation is a firm pinch which, if you have nipples sensitive to stimulation, can offer a delicious mix of pain and pleasure.

A connecting chain is also common on many pairs of nipple clamps. As well as swaying back and forth beautifully during the throes of passion, the addition of a chain provides extra stimulation and weight when the chain is gently tugged on. Nipple clamps with chains tend to fall into the clover clamp category (more on this later). For the adventurous, you can add a small weight to the chain to increase the simulation further.


Go shopping for nipple clamps and you’ll find four different styles. Some pinch harder than others, allowing you to choose a pair suited to your pain threshold and BDSM play experience. Let’s explore the different types of nipple clamps:

  1. Adjustable nipple clamps with rubber tips are great for bondage beginners. A screw prevents the clamp from closing too tightly around your nipple so you can find a pressure that suits you. Great for stimulating nerve endings and for those with sensitive skin. A little bit of pain from the clamps can be combined with some tickle sensation play around the areola to provide a wide range of sensations.
  2. Tweezer nipple clamps are another great choice for nipple play newbies. The tweezer style is often lighter in weight and they’re adjustable too. You can also get feather nipple clamps for a burlesque touch. Magnetic nipple clamps are a variation of this design. With magnetic nipple clamps, you have less control over the intensity of the pinch but for some, it’s quite a turn-on to be pushed to your limits.
  3. Vibrating nipple clamps tend to be heavier because they contain a small motor and batteries. The result is a pair of clamps with a greater downward pull when in a kneeling, standing or doggy-style position.
  4. Clover clamps should be reserved for more experienced nipple players. Clover clamps are not adjustable, so once in place expect a very firm grip. Often these are made of stainless steel, these clamps are perfect for those who are fully into this particular kink.


There are a few other nipple toy variations out there. For instance, alongside nipple clips, you can get nipple suckers which do precisely what the name implies. If you’re looking for a DIY sex toy then you could use clothespins as a substitute. Avoid alligator clamps unless you are into serious pain play since they often pinch too tightly and can break the skin as well as restrict blood flow to the area. Definitely not one for the first-time user.

Overtime individuals who are really into nipple play may also consider getting nipple piercings and nipple rings as this can add another dimension to using nipple clamps.

Once you’ve chosen your nipple clamp style, it’s time to put them to good use on the erogenous zones. Remember to use a safe word if you’re combining nipple clamps with hand restraints or other forms of bondage. If using them unbound obviously the user can remove them quickly if the pain gets too intense.


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Using Nipple Clamps

Although nipple clamps are pretty self-explanatory, there are a couple of techniques to help with comfort and safety without sacrificing the full titillation of these nippy BDSM toys.

Step 1 – Get a little nipple erection
Nipple clamps need something to grip. If required, give your nips a little pinch, tweak, rub or suck (maybe by a willing partner), so they’re standing to attention.

Step 2 – Attach the clamp
If adjustable, loosen the screw so you can open the clamp fully. Pinch to open and place tips on either side of the nipple. Slowly allow the clamp to close and take grip. Keep releasing until reaching the level of pinch you can stand (and yes, it will hurt a little bit), then tighten the screw to fix it in place. Repeat on the other nipple.

Step 3 – Get to it!
Now the nipple clamps are in place you can either leave them there during sex, BDSM or masturbation play and enjoy the pinch of the clamps and the swinging sensation of the connecting chain as your body moves. Alternatively, when with a partner, ask them to tug and pull on the connecting chain for more intense stimulation.

Step 4 – Remove the clamps
Removing a clamp is both a pleasure-giving blessing and a pain. In one respect the nipple will be even more sensitive to every kiss, nibble, suck or lick. This can make continued sensation play a lot of fun. On the other hand, the release of the pinch can, for some people, feel even more intense as blood returns to the area. Take extra care of the nipple if this is the case. Gently rubbing the nipple and areole in circles can help alleviate pain.   


Want to Know More About Nipple Play?

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