Condoms are a tried and
tested form of contraception
and with so many different
textures, sizes and flavours
of rubbers on offer, as well
as being practical they can
be fun to experiment with. 

When used correctly, condoms can effectively protect from pregnancy and STDs. As well as a practical form of protection, condoms can be fun to experiment with and can even enhance sensations during sex. There are many different textures, sizes and flavours available to try - take a look at the different condoms we have on offer below.

Condoms are a necessity for practising safe sex, protecting you from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Whatever your relationship status or sexual preferences, condoms essential for keeping you and your partner(s) safe in the sheets. Condoms can also be used alongside sex toy cleaners to keep your toys sanitary and ready for use.

With a range of the most reliable and best-selling condom brands, you can enjoy your passionate playtime without any worries. Whether you want to spice up your oral with some deliciously flavoured condoms or get that authentic skin-on-skin sensation with Durex real feel, our range of condoms will have something to suit your needs. Don’t forget to take a look at the non-latex condoms we have available, which are suitable for those with allergies or skin sensitivities.

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Skins Condoms Strawberry Flavoured 12 Pack + Single Foil
Skins Condoms Strawberry Flavoured 4 Pack + Single Foil
Skins Mint Flavoured Condoms by Skins
Durex Intense Condoms 6 Pack
Durex Intense Condoms 12 Pack
Mutual Climax Condoms by Durex
Skins Flavoured Condoms – 12 Pack
Skins Flavoured Condoms – 4 Pack
Skins Blow Me Bubblegum Flavoured Condoms - 12 Pack
Durex Thin Feel Condoms - 6 Pack
Real Feel Non Latex Condom by Durex
Durex Pleasure Me Ribbed and Dotted Condoms - 6 Pack
Durex Extra Safe Condoms - 6 Pack
Thin Feel Ultra Thin Condoms 12 Pack by Durex
Extended Pleasure Condoms 12 Pack by Durex
Durex Extra Safe Condoms - 12 Pack
Skins Extra Large Condoms - 12 Skins
Skins Extra Large Condoms - 4 Skins
Skins Assorted Condoms - 4 Skins
Skins Natural Condoms - 4 Skins
Skins Ultra Thin Condoms - 12 Skins
Skins Condoms Dots & Ribs 12 Pack

22 Items

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