Non-Phallic Dildos

Browse our non-Phallic Dildos. Real penises don't come in beautiful colours or with sexy sleek shafts, but these aren't real cocks, so why not have a little fun? Whether you want added bumps and lumps or something so smooth, it slides in effortlessly like a firefighter down a pole.

Our non-phallic dildos will take your orgasm to new heights and will look chic and stylish on the dresser too. Use with a partner, alone or with a harness to get your climax off to a swinging start.

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Adrien Lastic Hitsens 4 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 1 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Fun Factory Amor Mini G-Spot Dildo - Black
As low as £34.99
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 3 Dual Density Silicone  Dildo
Avant Pride P3 Beauty Dildo
Loving Joy 6 Inch Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup
Avant D6 Electra Dildo
Avant D5 Sin City Dildo
Avant D4 Sexy In Pink Dildo
Avant Pride P8 Love Dildo
Inflatable Dildo
Sportsheets Flare Silicone Dildo 5.75 inches
Sportsheets Femme Rubber Dildo 6.5"
Sportsheets Strap-On Silicone Dildo Please
Sportsheets Skyn Silicone Dildo 6.5"
As low as £39.99 Regular Price £47.99
Smoothy Prober
Fun Factory Bouncer Rumbling Dildo
As low as £64.99
Fun Factory Limba Flex Medium Bendable Dildo
Fun Factory Limba Flex Small Bendable Dildo
Avant D1 Hot ‘N’ Cool Dildo
Avant Pride P2 True Blue Dildo
Love to Love iScream Silicone Dildo
As low as £39.99
So Divine 7 Inch Discreet Dildo
As low as £27.99
Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup Base
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 2 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Avant D3 Summer Fling Dildo
Avant D2 Purple Rain Dildo
LELO Ella Silicone Dildo
As low as £49.99

29 Items

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