Non-Phallic Dildos

Browse our non-Phallic Dildos. Real penises don't come in beautiful colours or with sexy sleek shafts, but these aren't real cocks, so why not have a little fun? Whether you want added bumps and lumps or something so smooth, it slides in effortlessly like a firefighter down a pole.

Our non-phallic dildos will take your orgasm to new heights and will look chic and stylish on the dresser too. Use with a partner, alone or with a harness to get your climax off to a swinging start.

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Adrien Lastic Hitsens 4 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 1 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Fun Factory Amor Mini G-Spot Dildo - Black
As low as £34.99
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 3 Dual Density Silicone  Dildo
Avant Pride P3 Beauty Dildo
Loving Joy 6 Inch Silicone Dildo With Suction Cup
Avant D6 Electra Dildo
Avant D5 Sin City Dildo
Avant D4 Sexy In Pink Dildo
Avant Pride P8 Love Dildo
Special Price £27.99 Regular Price £39.99
Inflatable Dildo
Sportsheets Flare Silicone Dildo 5.75 inches
Special Price £24.49 Regular Price £34.99
Sportsheets Femme Rubber Dildo 6.5"
Sportsheets Strap-On Silicone Dildo Please
Sportsheets Skyn Silicone Dildo 6.5"
As low as £39.99 Regular Price £47.99
Smoothy Prober
Fun Factory Bouncer Rumbling Dildo
As low as £64.99
Fun Factory Limba Flex Medium Bendable Dildo
Fun Factory Limba Flex Small Bendable Dildo
Avant D1 Hot ‘N’ Cool Dildo
Avant Pride P2 True Blue Dildo
So Divine 7 Inch Discreet Dildo
As low as £27.99
Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup Base
Adrien Lastic Hitsens 2 Dual Density Silicone Dildo
Avant D3 Summer Fling Dildo
Avant D2 Purple Rain Dildo

27 Items

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