Sexy Games

We’re big fans of sexy games
here at Harmony. Perfect for
adding a little fun and spontaneity
to the boudoir, sex games can be
a brilliant source of inspiration
offering new ideas
for experimentation.

Playing them can offer hot suggestions for new positions and techniques that you may not have otherwise thought of and they perfectly introduce that element of playfulness to your intimate adventures. Available in a variety of different forms, from handing over tokens or rolling sexy dice to a complete sexy board game, our collection of adult games has something to bring out everyone's competitive side.

Our range includes the classic novelty Cum Face game, Fifty Days of Play, Domin8 and our most popular sex board game the Monogamy board game. All of our sexy games come complete with rules, but whether you stick to them, or make up your own, is up to you. So go on, roll the sex dice. We’re willing to bet you’ll get lucky…

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Fifty Days Of Play Box
Path to Pleasure Sexy Board Game
Lust! Couples Board Game
Domin8 Master Edition Board Game
Sexy 6 Kinky Edition Roleplay Dice by CC Games

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