Love Eggs & Jiggle Balls

How do you like your eggs
in the morning? Vibrating,
jiggling or remote-controlled?
Love eggs or jiggle balls are
so-called because of their
unique shape and are available
in a range of sizes from small
and slimline, to larger and wider.

Designed to heighten your sensitivity and increase pleasure, the love egg is a thrilling addition to any sex toy collection, and luckily for you, they come in a range of tantalising styles offering multiple stimulation options. Most popular is the classic vibrating egg which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Much like a vibrating bullet, the vibrating love egg delivers teasing and massaging vibrations to your most intimate erogenous zones, nearing you to orgasm with every clench. The real charm of these beauties, however, is in their versatility. Thanks to their vibration setting, they work perfectly for external stimulation as well as internal massage, meaning you can treat also treat both your clit and your perineum with a spot of TLC. Sounds a bit lovely, right? Fancy dabbling in a bit of public play? Why not go for a remote control love egg and hand the reins over to your partner, allowing them to take full control of your pleasure?

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