For fun, safe backdoor play, anal douches and enemas are going to be your allies for a squeaky clean behind. Aside from keeping anal play hygienic, an anal douche or enema can be a highly erotic experience for you and your partner. In fact, many anal lovers will incorporate an enema as part of their backdoor foreplay before using other anal sex toys or intercourse.

With all the fun that comes with anal play, it’s super important to protect yourself and your behind. After enlisting the aid of an anal douche, you’ll need lots of specialist anal lube to prevent any micro tears or friction burns that could result from rough anal play. Plus, if you want to feel rest assured that you’re as lubed up as can be - more is more, so never skimp on your lube!

As squeaky clean as an anal douche may make you feel, you should always clean a toy before using it between partners, or inserting it into the vagina after the anus. This will help prevent the spread of any nasties and let you enjoy the experience worry-free. Shop our range of sex toy cleaners before you play.

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Loving Joy Anal Douche 225ml
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Me You Us Glow Tip Anal Douche 225ml
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