Body Paints &
Naughty Sweets

Turn your lover's body into a
sultry, sweet masterpiece with
our range of edible body paint
and adult sweets.

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Why not try our delicious chocolate body pen or get your digits involved for a spot of finger painting? Caress the contours of your partner's skin using their body as a blank canvas as you teasingly draw away and then lap it off in long lusty licks.

After you've smothered your significant other in body paints and licked them clean, try out our range of delectable naughty sweets. Nibble them off your partner's body teasing their erogenous zones while enjoying a sweet treat for yourself too. From the tasty candy bra to the palate cleansing candy nipple tassels and the delicious candy g string, bring some giggles into the bedroom and surprise your partner with the whole matching set. Harmony’s collection of adult body paints and naughty sweets offers something sweet for you both to get your lips around.

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Edible Candy Nipple Tassels

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