With advanced technology and unique climax inducing features, TENGA offers unimaginable pleasure time and time again. TENGA innovates. Day in, day out and they know the little details make a big difference. Whether you're playing alone, together, in bed or a bathtub, they want singles, couples, newbies and seasoned pros alike to have fun. Their sleek and compact designs are ideal for enhancing your solo play or can be used as a couple's toy so you can lay back and enjoy new avenues of ecstasy whilst your partner takes control. The TENGA range features all sorts of innovative pleasure devices with highlights such as single-use male masturbators, reusable male masturbators and sleeves, with a variety of different stimulating textures.

Inviting you to explore your desires and try out something new, TENGA encourages you to shed your inhibitions in the pursuit of pleasure- we promise, you won't be disappointed. Centred on the belief that sexuality is a creative expression experienced on a spectrum, TENGA prides itself on inclusivity and offering a wide range of products so there's something to satisfy every individual's desires. Their collection comes in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes, suitable for every sex, gender, and orientation, it’s no wonder TENGA is Japan’s best-selling male sex toy brand. Manufactured with outstanding quality from the best medical-grade, body-safe materials available, each and every one of their toys is designed to be compatible with your skin.

What’s more, having perfected the art of male pleasure, TENGA has invested countless hours of dedicated work to develop its range of intimate toys for women. Driven by the want to satisfy your every desire in the most discrete yet powerful way, TENGA knows how to help you indulge in passionate playtime. Their latest Iroha range of captivating and beautifully crafted palm-sized vibrators offer instant gratification that you won't be able to get enough of.

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TENGA Spinner Pixel Cool Edition Textured Male Masturbator
Special Price £21.59 Regular Price £26.99
TENGA Spinner Brick Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Spinner Hexa Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Spinner Tetra Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Original Vacuum Cup Cool
TENGA Egg Lovers Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Egg Curl Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Crysta Stroker Ball Male Masturbator
Special Price £35.99 Regular Price £44.99
TENGA Egg Wavy II Cool Edition Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA Geo Glacier Textured Male Masturbator
TENGA 3D Pile Male Masturbator
TENGA Original Vacuum Cup Extra Cool
TENGA Premium Dual Sensation Cup
TENGA Premium Original Vacuum Cup Strong
TENGA Flip Zero - White
TENGA Flip Zero - Black
Tenga Flip Orb Male Masturbator
As low as £59.99
Tenga Egg 6 Pack Hard Boiled Variety Pack
Tenga Flex Male Masturbator
As low as £34.99
TENGA Air Tech Strong Cup Masturbator
TENGA Air Tech Masturbator
TENGA Air Tech Gentle Cup
TENGA Soft Tube Cool Cup Edition
TENGA Soft Tube
TENGA Hole Lotion Solid
TENGA Surfer Hard Boiled Egg
TENGA Shiny Hard Boiled Egg
TENGA Cloudy Hard Boiled Egg
TENGA Misty Hard Boiled Egg
TENGA Boiled Egg
TENGA Thunder Hard Boiled Egg
Tenga Wild Hole Lotion
Tenga Real Hole Lotion
TENGA Flip Hole Silver
TENGA Egg Lotion
TENGA Flip Hole Black Male Masturbator

Items 1-36 of 46

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