Anal Lubes

Anal lube - as the name suggests - is essential for engaging in anal play. Whether playing by yourself or with a partner(s), anal lube will keep things fun, slippy and pleasurable when you decide to experiment with the back door. Using anal lube will also protect your delicate areas from any tears or friction that could end the party early.

When lubricating the anus, it’s a good idea to keep things extra slippery. A silicone-based anal lube will keep you wetter for longer, making your intimate time easier, and providing you with maximum anal pleasure. Take a look at all the amazing anal lubes we have on offer - we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Loving Joy Anal Lube 100ml
ID Xtreme H2O Thick Water-Based Lubricant 30ml
ID Xtreme H2O Thick Water-Based Lubricant 65ml
ID Xtreme H2O Thick Water-Based Lubricant 130ml
ID Xtreme H2O Thick Water-Based Lubricant 250ml
Fleshlight Fleshlube Slide Water-Based Anal Lubricant 250ml
Fleshlube Slide Water-Based Anal Lubricant 100ml
So Divine Vegan Friendly Anal Lube
Lubido Anal Lubricant 250ml
Sliquid Oceanics Carrageenan Natural Lubricant 125ml
Sliquid Organics Natural Gel Thick Lubricant 255ml
Sliquid Organics Silk Hybrid Lubricant 255ml
ID BackSlide Anal Lubricant - 130ml
ID BackSlide Anal Lubricant - 65ml / 2.2 fl oz
ID BackSlide Anal Lubricant - 30ml

15 Items

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What is anal lube?

With so many types of lubricant to choose from, what makes anal lube unique from other water-based or silicone lubes? Although all lubricants provide sensational slip and softness, anal lube often has added ingredients such as glycerin or aloe vera which make it extra cushioning and protective. This makes anal lube perfect for backdoor play, keeping your delicate areas extra wet for as long as you need.

What does anal lube do?

Anal lube is specifically designed to reduce friction during anal play or intercourse. It helps to minimise discomfort, making the experience more enjoyable and pleasurable. By reducing the risk of injury or microtears, you can safely explore the joys of anal pleasure. Whether for beginners or experienced individuals, using a high-quality anal lube ensures a smoother and more satisfying experience.

How to apply anal lube

To apply anal lube, squeeze a small amount onto your fingers or directly onto the anus. Gently massage and spread the lube around the area, ensuring thorough coverage. Start with a small amount and add more if necessary - don’t go using the whole bottle at once. You may also need to reapply anal lube after a while, so be sure to keep it handy to stop yourself from drying up.