Massage Oils

The truth is, there are
erogenous zones located
all over your body. Areas
typically neglected in the
bedroom department, with the
potential to add a completely
new dimension to your pursuit
of pleasure.

From the backs of knees and elbows to the more obvious sweet spots such as the nape of the neck and the nipples, your body is covered in areas highly sensitive and receptive to touch. And the best part? Stimulating these lesser-known sensitive spots with massage oils can lead to the most incredible thigh trembling and sheet-clenching orgasms ever.

If you want to take your time, what better way to slow things down and turn up the heat, than with some sexy massage oils? We stock a wide range of massage oil, and massage gel, including edible massage oils that will let you get up close and personal with your partner.
Perfect for extending your foreplay sessions, massage oil brings you closer together, heightening intimacy and arousing all of the senses. Experiment with sexy massage oils pouring, dripping, and rubbing them all over whilst you discover each other's most sensitive erogenous zones.
Erotic massage is just one great way to explore your partner's body and work out which of these hot spots they really get a kick from.

Curious about wax play? You’re in for a hot and melty treat, you little minx.

Massage candles can be extremely erotic and add that sexy mood-setting element to your intimate adventures. A perfect alternative to massage oil, the massage candle comes in a variety of delectable forms. Why not treat all your senses to an evening of enjoyment and try out a scented candle or a seductive drip candle?

If you’re looking to explore sensual play then our range of massage candles from leading brands including Lelo, Petits Joujoux, Shunga Erotic Art, and Bijoux Indiscrets are perfect for you or why not try a CBD-infused massage candle for ultimate relaxation?

So, should we be taking our time and exploring our partner's body fully rather than rushing to the finish line? You decide. On occasions when you do want to change the pace with some slow sex, slather your significant other in some sumptuous and non-sticky massage oil.

As champions of sexual exploration, Harmony invites you to explore our extensive range of massage oils and drip candles. Or perhaps you're tempted by a body massager or a spot of delicious edible body powder? Stocking a range of the finest oils, massage candles and essentials from quality brands like Lelo, Durex Play, So Divine and Bijoux Indiscrets, Harmony has all your massage and wax play needs covered. From the must-have massage candle to our incredible edible massage oil, shop the range now!

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Durex Play Aloe Vera 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant 200ml
So Divine Vegan Friendly Massage Oil
Ouch! Wax Play Scented Candle
As low as £12.99
Womanizer White Tea Scented Candle
Petits Joujoux A Trip to Paris Massage Candle 120g
Bijoux Indiscrets Revitalising Intimate Massage Drops 30ml
Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil Vanilla - 8oz
As low as £16.99
Sliquid Balance Collection Massage Oil – Rejuvenation 125ml

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