Lust! Couples Board Game

Lust! Couples Board Game

Try something new in the bedroom by letting the Lust! Couples Board Game decide on sexy actions for you and your lover to play out during your next erotic coupling. You never know, the roll of the dice and picking of a card could suggest something you would never have thought of otherwise.

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A game for 2, the Lust! Couples Board Game lets you explore romantic and physical intimacies with your lover. Explore sensual foreplay techniques or fulfil a sexy fantasy by working your way around the Lust! board. Roll the dice and for every square, you land on you'll need to pick a corresponding action card that illustrates or explain a lovemaking action. Between you and your partner, build up a sexual fantasy. Whoever reaches the bed at the end of the board first gets to collect the love-making cards and initiate the techniques and positions on the cards. Really, there can be no losers when playing this sexy couples board game.

Lust! Couples Board Game is perfect for couples wanting some fresh inspiration for their erotic bedroom sessions. With thousands of frisky action combinations, you certainly won't be short on ideas.

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