Let's F*ck Sexy Dice Game For Couples

Let's F*ck Sexy Dice Game For Couples

Add some extra spice to foreplay and sex by rolling the Let's F*ck Sexy Dice Game. The combination of dice will suggest an action and body part. Once you're both warmed up, roll the silver die to kick off the main event as it suggests a hot sex position.

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For some quick erotic inspiration roll the Let's F*ck Sexy Dice Game for couples and let fate decide what you and your lover should get up to. Perfect for adding some extra excitement to foreplay, each take a turn at rolling the pink and blue dice. Carry out the action on the body area suggested. Be careful not to peak too soon though, because once you've each had 2 or 3 turns with the coloured dice and you're nicely warmed up, it's then time to roll the silver die. Start your sex session with the position it lands on, but the rules don't say you have to stop at one roll. Keep playing and switching up the positions until you both reach orgasm. Really, this is one game where there are no losers.

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