Skins Flavoured Condoms - 4 Pack

Skins Flavoured Condoms - 4 Pack

The Skins Flavoured Condoms 4 pack includes an assortment of tasty flavoured rubbers that are perfect for oral sex. Made from natural latex and with a nominal width of 52mm.

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Roll on one of the Skins Flavoured Condoms and treat your taste buds to something special while giving your partner the blowjob of his life. Get ready for bursts of flavour with Skins Flavoured Condoms - 4 Pack. This fun filled pack includes 4 different delicious flavours; refreshing mint, the very popular Skins classic Blow Me bubblegum, juicy strawberry, and luscious banana.

This assorted condom 4 pack gives you a chance to try several different flavours before settling on a favourite.

Skins Condoms are the highest quality and are designed to feel barely there. Get ready for a fruity night in of sexy foreplay with the Skins Flavour Pack. These condoms have at teat end and normal width of 52mm.

Additional Information

Manufacturer:  Skins
Colour:  Clear
Size (Metric):  Regular Fit
Size (Imperial):  Regular Fit
Power:  N/A
Material:  Latex
Feel:  N/A