Orgasmus Love Balls

Orgasmus Love Balls

Brilliant for beginners keen to try Kegel balls, the Super Soft Orgasmus Love Balls are comfortable to wear and will provide ripples of sensation while helping to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. A weight inside each rubber ball will roll around as you move, massaging the G-spot and vaginal walls. Clench your Kegels to hold the balls inside and use the retrieval string when you're ready to take them out.

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Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and experience enhanced sexual enjoyment with the Super Soft Orgasmus Love Balls designed for women. The weighted interior of these love balls provides you with unlimited pleasure, without the hassle of having to replace batteries.

Simply apply water-based lubricant and place the Orgasmus Love Balls inside your vagina, allowing the soft rubber exterior of each ball to massage and caress your G-spot and vaginal walls as you move around. Since there is no need for a power source, you can enjoy these love balls as much as you like, anywhere, any time.

The balls work as your body moves and have been proven to help enhance sexual enjoyment because they can increase your PC muscles, leading to more intense orgasms. The easy pull cord aids in retrieval and the rubber exterior is completely body-safe.

Use with your favourite water-based lubricant for extended pleasure and ease of insertion. If you've never used Ben Wa or Kegel balls before, then the Super Soft Orgasmus Love Balls are an excellent starting point for beginners.

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