Shunga Strawberry Edible Body Powder

Shunga Strawberry Edible Body Powder

The Shunga Strawberry Edible Body Powder is a perfect addition to foreplay and allows you to make an erotic desert out of your partner. Sprinkle it over the areas of your body that you most want your partner to kiss and lick. You'll enjoy the feel of their mouth on your body, while they get to savour the delicious strawberry flavour.

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Make a sexy sweet and erotic dessert out of your partner with the Shunga Strawberry Edible Powder. Simply sprinkle this enticingly delicious powder over your lover's body, especially over their intimate areas, and brush it across with your gentle touch before sensually devouring every speck.

Also, use this powder to set the mood for an erotic night of pleasure by sprinkling this powder over your bedsheets. The powder is designed to act as a medium between you and your lover to enhance intimacy and intensity of lovemaking.

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Brand Shunga Erotic Art