Bijoux Indiscrets Anna Eye Mask

Bijoux Indiscrets Anna Eye Mask

Conceal your identity by placing the Bijoux Indiscrets Anna Eye Mask over the face and eyes. The floral design will lightly veil the face without obstructing your vision. Comes with self-adhesive strips included.

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Colour Black

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Inspired by nature, the Bijoux Indiscrets Anna Eye Mask is the perfect erotic accessory for lightly concealing your identity. Place the floral design vinyl mask over your face and eyes using the included skin friendly, self-adhesive backing. Perfect for roleplay games, the Anna Eye Mask will add an alluring sense of mystery to bedroom encounters without obstructing your vision.

If carefully removed and stored, this Bijoux Indiscrets mask can be enjoyed several times. Flexible enough to fit any face shape, it's a simple, yet effective item for adding some extra spice to intimate moments.

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Brand Bijoux Indiscrets
Colour Black