Twin Cup Breast Enlarger Pump

Twin Cup Breast Enlarger Pump

The Twin Cup Breast Enlarger Pump is perfect for giving your boobs an instant size boost, or for use during medical fetish play. Place each clear cup over a breast and then begin to pump. A vacuum inside each cup is created, causing your breasts to swell and become larger. Enjoy a more buxom look and heightened sensitivity as more blood will be drawn to the area.

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SKU 2V3885
Colour Clear
Material Plastic

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Use the Twin Cup Breast Enlarger Pump to instantly increase the size of your boobs, or keep it on hand when playing out your medical fetish fantasies. Place each of the cups over your breasts and fasten the elastic bra-style back strap to keep them in place, leaving your hands free for pumping. Attach the pink tube and then use the small hand pump to begin drawing the air out and creating a vacuum. Watch your assets swell and grow with each pump. The clear cups make it easy to measure your progress.

When you've reached your optimum size, use the quick-release valve to lessen the pressure and remove the cups. Enjoy your newfound breast size and because more blood has been drawn to the area expect to feel increased sensitivity too. Perfect if you enjoy nipple and breast play during sex or masturbation.

Additional Information

Colour Clear
Material Plastic
Flexibility Firm
Waterproof Submersible
Texture Smooth