Tweezer Intimate Clamps

Tweezer Intimate Clamps

Include your nether regions in the pain and pleasure experience with the Tweezer Intimate Clamps from Cal Exotics. This set features 3 clamps with sliding adjusters and plastic-lined tips for added comfort, all connected with sturdy body chain that’s perfect for playful tugging!

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  • Set of 3 connected nipple clamps
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Adjust the intensity with sliders
  • PVC-lined tips for added comfort
  • Connected with a sturdy body chain
  • Nickel-free for worry-free play
  • Clamp length: 2.8 inches

Include your genitals when dabbling in nipple play with Cal Exotics’ Tweezer Intimate Clamps and experience all body pleasure and pain!

Slide Adjusters

This set of clamps sits over your nipples and genitals, gradually squeezing harder as you apply pressure using the adjustable sliders and sending you into ecstasy. Experiment between a slight pinch and a wince-inducing clamp to find what best tickles your fancy. The rubber-lined tips add a layer of extra comfort for extended play.

Full Body Pleasure

The clamps are connected together with a sturdy 3-way body chain for a classic kinky BDSM look. Let your lover lead you around by the chain and give it a little tug for extra stimulation and pleasure

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