TENGA Soft Tube Cup

TENGA Soft Tube Cup

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.


For when you want a masturbation session that has a bit more feel about it, use the Tenga Soft Tube male pleasure tunnel. Part of the Tenga Onacup range, these soft tubes allow you to vary the intensity of your pleasure. A flexible male masturbator with easy to grip shape, squeeze the Tube Cup as firmly or as gently as you like to get a pressure that suits you. An air hole at the end of the cup allows you to experiment with even more sensation play. Cover it with a finger to increase suction for an even tighter feeling when you drawback.

That's just the outside, there's so much more to enjoy once you push your length into the 5 inch canal. Lubricated at the entrance for a comfortable glide-in, when inside your penis will be massaged and teased all the way along. Experience an intense feeling in the first tightening zone chamber. Plunge deeper and 40 nubs will provide all of the orgasmic friction you need in the Brushing Zone. A round tip to the Soft Tube will take care of the sensitive head of your penis as 29 large and small nubs offer different sensations as you stroke over them.

Made from 100% silicone, the Tenga Soft Tube is flexible and comfortable to use and completely body-safe. Although designed as a one-time-use-only product, the life of the Soft Cup can be extended if used with condoms.

Additional Information

Canal Texture Ripples, Nubs
Total Length 6.7 inches
Opening Neutral
Width 2.4 inches
Insertable Length 5.9 inches
Material TPE