TENGA Geo Glacier Textured Male Masturbator

TENGA Geo Glacier Textured Male Masturbator

Sorry! This product has been discontinued.


Tenga Geo Glacier Textured Male Masturbator

  • Sensual male stroker
  • Unique shape and texture
  • The artistic look allows for discreet storage
  • Flexible and squeezable for more control

Is it a new toy or is it a work of art? Tenga’s Geo Glacier looks like art but it can always be called upon for sensual pleasure as it strokes you up and down with its soft and flexible textures for dynamic, surging ecstasy!

Combine the Geo Glacier with the included lube and be ready for explosive orgasms from the unique and immersive ridges as you wrap it around your penis and caress yourself with its sensual texture. Geo Glacier is reusable and is easily cleaned with its unique flexible body being reversible for quick and thorough maintenance, keeping you safe.

With its subtle and artistic looks, Geo Glacier offers discreet pleasure without drawing unwanted attention at home or when travelling.

Additional Information

Internal Length 6.5 inches
Opening Neutral
Width 3.43 inches
Material Soft Plastic
Waterproof Submersible