System JO Unscented Sensual Massage Glide - 30ml

System JO Unscented Sensual Massage Glide - 30ml

The System JO Unscented Sensual Massage Glide comes in a handy 30 ml bottle, making it perfect for travel and discreet storage. This thick, silicone massage lubricant is long lasting and unscented, for those that like to keep their erotic massage encounters simple.

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System JO Sensual Massage Glide comes in a travel-friendly 30ml bottle and is perfect for couples who love a hands-on approach. Sleek, sexy and unscented, this high-quality formula is ideal for helping your partner to relax during a subtle, yet intimate, encounter.

Designed to moisturise the skin and provide great glide that's non-greasy. Made from a premium grade silicone it doubles up as a lubricant, so you can easily transition from massage to intimacy. The finish is smooth and sensual while the pharmaceutical grade silicone adds to the quality.

System JO unscented massage glide is long lasting as a single drop is equal to 10 - 15 drops of regular massage oil. The non-allergenic, non-toxic ingredients make this ideal for sensitive skins and it can even be used as a tattoo conditioner.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclotetrasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Dimethicone

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Bottle Size 30 ml