Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

Sportsheets Sexy Slave Kit

Ideal for couples wanting to experiment with the delights of bondage, the Sportsheets Fantasy Roleplay Sex Slave Kit includes wrist and ankle cuffs, tether straps, a blindfold and feather tickler. Begin your soft bondage roleplay games by deciding who gets to be the boss of the bedroom and who will be the sex slave for the evening.

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Perfect for bondage beginners, the Sportsheets Fantasy Roleplay Sex Slave Kit includes some BDSM must-haves for a night of kinky fun. Decide who's going to be the dominant and the submissive for the evening, as well as picking a safe word. Once your roles are in place, start by cuffing the sex slave using the 4 Velcro fastening wrist and ankle restraints. Their position in the bedroom is now defined and they must roleplay as your sexy submissive until the S&M games end.

Whether you use the 44 Inch connector straps to restrain your slave during any praise or punishment is up to you, but the trigger clips and length of the straps means it's easy to tether the cuffs together or to a piece of furniture, such as a bed head.

Indulge in soft bondage play by using the feather tickler and blindfold included with the Sportsheets Fantasy Roleplay Sex Slave Kit. Bring even more sensation to your bondage games by investing in a small paddle for spanking, or even a massage candle and really keep your blindfolded sex slave on their toes as you create a delicious mix of pleasure and pain.

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