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Skins Ultra Thin Condoms - 12 Skins

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Condoms so thin that they will feel like a second skin! Skins Ultra Thin condoms are perfect for that barely there feel. They are made with a premium latex which is really durable and even has extra lubrication to give you even more pleasure.
Designed by NHS contraceptive supplier Skins, these Ultra Thin condoms have a 'barely there' feel. Made from a near-odourless latex and clear in colour, these condoms do all they can to interfere with your enjoyment as little as possible.

Each of the individually wrapped latex condoms comes pre-lubricated and has a reservoir tip. Ultra Thin have a thickness - or should that be thinness - of just 0.060mm, allowing for greater sensation so you can feel closer to your partner without compromising on safety.

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Manufacturer:  Skins
Colour:  N/A
Size (Metric):  one size
Size (Imperial):  one size
Power:  N/A
Material:  Latex
Feel:  N/A
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