Skins Natural Condoms - 12 Skins

Skins Natural Condoms - 12 Skins

You'll barely notice that you're wearing a condom with Skins Natural. They feel and smell great and look absolutely clear. Made from premium latex with added lubrication for comfort. Skins provide quality condoms with great protection, comfort and pleasure at the same time.

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Material Latex

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Don't go in without a Skin, but do enjoy a barely there feeling with the Skins Natural Condoms. This pack of 12 latex sheaths have been designed to interfere with your enjoyment as little as possible.

Each condom comes pre-lubricated and is easy to roll on, for less fuss and more fun. They are odourless and made from a clear latex, so Skins Naturals won't affect your visual pleasure either.

Created by UK based brand Skin, who provide contraceptives to the NHS, so you know your sexual safety is in good hands. Naturals measure the standard 52mm girth and have a length of 185mm.

Additional Information

Material Latex
Size Regular
Size length: 190mm • Width: 55mm
Pack Size 12