Shunga Chocolate Body Paint

Shunga Chocolate Body Paint

A delight for your taste buds, the Shunga Chocolate Body Paint allows you to cover your partner's body in romantic messages and notes. Kiss, lick and nibble off the delicious edible chocolate body paint when you're done before trying a different design. A perfect romantic gift to bring lovers even closer together.

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Set your tongue free to delight in the many tasty sensations Shunga Chocolate Body Paint has to offer. Incant your inner Picasso and paint your way across your lover's body by dipping the included application stylus into the body paint. Tease, tickle, and tantalise with this edible aphrodisiac infused body paint. Express your love and desires all over your partner's most sensitive areas.

Once your masterpiece is complete, lick and nibble this taste bud tingling body paint off one deliciously erotic area at a time. Made with all natural ingredients, this edible body paint is designed to bring you and your lover closer through the utilisation of all the senses during foreplay.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Shunga
Colour:  Chocolate
Size (Metric):  100ml
Size (Imperial):  3.5 fl.oz
Power:  N/A
Material:  Chocolate
Feel:  N/A
SKU:  SH7000