Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are for the woman who wants it all: clitoral and vaginal penetration at the same time, for an intense double-whammy climax! To be classed as a Rabbit vibrator the toy needs to have a shaft and clitoral stimulator, with the original (as seen in Sex And The City) having a powerful rotating shaft. Many Rabbit vibes still stick to this design. Buy a Rabbit with dual controls (turning on just the shaft or the clit vibe), Rabbits that throb instead of rotate, slimline ones, dolphin and butterfly shaped ones, or cut out the rotation altogether and go for the double buzz with a motor in the end of the shaft and in the rabbit. Tip:The balls found in rabbit vibes are there to stimulate the opening of the vagina. For stronger sensations pick one with larger, metal balls as they create more friction.

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