Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle

Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle

The Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle is a perfect combination of soft and sexy. BDSM is all about toying with sensations and this little accessory allows you to do that easily. Switch from soft feathered strokes to sharper rubber whips. You'll set your partner's skin tingling in no time.

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Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle

The Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle is a brilliant bondage accessory because it perfectly blends sensations and textures, which is exactly what BDSM games should be all about. At one end there is a soft feather and powder puffball that is ideal for tickling and gentle caressing. The opposite end is a small rubber flogger that can be used to deliver sharp flicks and whips.

Switch between the two sensations as you play and you'll set your lover's skin tingling. Build the bedroom tension by placing a blindfold over your partner's eyes so they can't see which end you're going to use first.

The Sex & Mischief Whip and Tickle come in 2 colour combinations: black and white and pink and white.

A card with some sexy bondage ideas and tips is also included.

Additional Information

Total Length 16 inches