Sex & Mischief Small 10 Inch Rubber Whip

Sex & Mischief Small 10 Inch Rubber Whip

Ideal for bondage beginners, the Sex & Mischief Small 10 Inch Rubber Whip allows you to deliver small, short spanks. It's small size makes it easy to pack away and control, so you can practise your aim before moving up to something bigger. Comes in a choice of 4 colours.

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Small 10 Inch Rubber Whip in Pink, Red, Purple & Black

Whether you′re beginner to flogging or you want a punishment device that′s portable, this small rubber whip from Sex & Mischief will answer your desires. This mini flogger with soft rubber tendrils will deliver an itchy little sting when flicked, or smooth tickling sensations when stroked over the body. Its size and length are ideal for flicking over the bottom, backs of the legs, inner arms or over the nipples.

The Sex & Mischief Small 10 Inch Rubber Whip comes in 4 attractive fetish friendly colours, allowing you to easily match it with any of your existing bondage accessories. Slip the loop over your wrist to get perfect control as you tease and enliven your partner′s skin.

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Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets International, Inc
Colour:  Purple, Red, Pink, Black
Size (Metric):  25.4 cm
Size (Imperial):  10 Inches
Power:  N/A
Material:  Rubber
Feel:  Flexible, Soft
SKU:  SS800-00