Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger

Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger

Use the Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger to tease and torment your lover. Vary the strength of your whipping to enliven your lover's skin and help create extra erotic tension in the bedroom.

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SKU SS100-40
Color Black

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Use the Sex & Mischief Faux Leather Flogger to tease or punish your partner. Swing and flick the flogger-'s tendrils so that just the tips lick at your partner-'s skin to deliver a gentle whipping that tickles and enlivens all of the skin-'s nerves. For a harsher punishment use the full 30 inches and the combined force of the flogger to show your partner who-'s boss of the bedroom.

The bound handle and wrist loop will help you remain in control of the flogger at all times. Use this fake leather flogger when you want to get up to some extra kinky sex and mischief and leave bottoms feeling rosy.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Sportsheets International, Inc 
Colour:  Black
Size (Metric):  60.96 cm
Size (Imperial):  24 Inches
Material:  Vinyl Fabric, Nickel Free Metal, Wood
Feel:  Soft, Flexible
SKU:  SS100-40