Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask

Designed to sit flatter against the form of the face, the shape of the Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask will stop your partner from peeking. Unisex design and ties around the head using satin ribbons.

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SKU SS100-88
Color Black


There won't be any peeking once the Sex & Mischief Blackout Mask has been placed over the eyes. If you find that conventional bondage blindfolds still leave a gap between the face and the mask, then this faux leather item from Sex & Mischief will see that issue eliminated.

Designed to fit the form of the face, the cutout nose area and shaped eye sockets means it will sit flatter. The unisex Blackout Mask fastens around the back of the head using satin ribbons to tie and keep it in place.

With your lover's eyes covered, take the time to heighten the erotic tension by teasing them with a feather, spanking flogger, or even their favourite sex toy.

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Manufacturer:  Sportsheets International, Inc 
Colour:  Black
Material:  Black Polyester
SKU:  SS100-88