Screaming O RingO x 3

Screaming O RingO x 3

Screaming O RingO x 3 Super-Stretchy Erection Rings - Black or Clear

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Material Silicone

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Screaming O RingO x 3 Super Stretchy Erection Rings in Black or Clear

Each of the 3 Screaming O RingO cock rings in this pack is a different diameter and thickness, allowing him a more tailored love ring experience. Made from super stretchy latex and phthalate-free material each ring offers a comfortable fit whether worn simply around the base of the penis, over the cock and balls or just around the scrotum.

Use the RingO′s individually, or combined, depending on how much restriction you wish to experience. Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to help slip them on and off, but once in place they′ll provide a comfortable pressure that can lead to a stronger, more impressive erection.

These ScreamingO rings are a great non-vibrating option because they're simple, discreet and highly effective.

Additional Information

Brand Screaming O
Vibration Speed Non Vibrating
Material Silicone

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