Rouge Black Leather Handle Flogger

Rouge Black Leather Handle Flogger

A must-have for those with a spanking fetish. Dominant partners will love the weighty feel and bound leather handle of this flogger. Submissive lovers will enjoy the satisfying sting as each strip licks at their bottom or thighs. A great quality leather item that would suit any experienced or professional BDSM collection.

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Color Black


A must-have for those with a spanking fetish. Keep your slave or submissive partner under control using this luxurious black leather handled flogger. A wrist loop and bound leather handle offers good grip and ensures great control as you land each spank.

Every tendril is made from soft, real leather. Use it to tickle and tease the skin using the tips of the flogger's strands. Animate your partner's senses and then build up to firmer, more powerful spanks. Expect the Rouge Black Leather Flogger to deliver a hard and heavy smack.

Practical and stylish, this is a great addition to any private or professional bondage collection.

Additional Information

Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Rouge
Colour:  Black
Size (Metric):  63cm
Size (Imperial):  25"
Power:  None Required
Material:  Leather
Feel:  Soft, Flexible
SKU:  RF1034-BLK