Relaxxx Original Anal Spray

Relaxxx Original Anal Spray

Ensure your anal sex experience is safe and enjoyable. Relaxxx Original Anal Spray will help the anal muscles relax, so insertion and penetration are easier, but it does not desensitise the area, meaning you can feel every sensation which leads to a safer encounter.

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Make anal sex more fun and exceptionally more satisfying with Relaxxx Original Anal Spray. This spray is specially formulated using natural oils to help relax the anal muscles for easier more pleasurable entry but does so without desensitising the area making it a much safer anal sex option.

To use simply spray the area with Relaxxx and the fast-acting ingredients go to work right away. Fulfil your wildest fantasies and let your body come alive with sensual pleasure using Relaxxx Original Anal Desensitising Spray. Please note that this product is not a lubricant, so it-'s still recommended that you use a water-based or silicone anal lube too.

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