Precious Metals Silver Ribbed Probe

Precious Metals Silver Ribbed Probe

An exquisitely shaped toy with three curvaceous beads which become incrementally larger as you insert from the tapered tip, and generate huge orgasms when removed. The jewelled base looks amazing once inserted.

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SKU N10234
Color Silver

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Precious Metals Silver Ribbed Probe

This gorgeous silver metal toy looks fantastic and delivers exquisite anal pleasure. Three curvaceous beads in increasing sizes gradually fill you up during insertion, and generate huge orgasms when removed at just the right moment. The jewelled base of the toy adds a beautiful, kinky aesthetic, which totally enhances the experience with a partner, and even by yourself - play time is going to feel that little bit more special with a quality toy like this.

The weight of the smooth, hard, metal is very welcome and feels amazing as it accentuates your movements. The ridges also add an extra internal pleasure once inserted. This toy can be used by beginners to gradually work up with, or for intermediates to return to time and time again. Easy to clean, heat responsive and comes with a drawstring bag.

Additional Information

Manufacturer:  Precious Metals
Colour:  Silver
Size Metric:  14 x 2.7 cm
Size Imperial:  5.5 x 1.06 Inches
Material:  Aluminium
SKU:  N10234