Portable Travel Douche

Portable Travel Douche

Idea for anyone that commutes a lot, the Portable Travel Douche will ensure a deeper, cleaner feel wherever you go. This 5 piece set comes with a vaginal and anal douching attachment. Comes with full instructions and care guide so you can set it up anywhere, anytime.

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SKU 20K39-BX
Colour Blue
Material PVC

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Get a cleaner, fresher feeling wherever you go by packing the Portable Travel Douche into your luggage case. This 5 piece douching system is easy to set up and use, providing you with swift cleaning time before indulging in steamy intimate moments.

Included in the travel douche kit is a 2-litre folding bag with plastic hanger; a 4ft clear tube with threaded screw ends and tap for better fluid control; plastic suction base hook; a 5.5-inch vaginal douche attachment and 2.5 anal douche attachment.

Set the portable system up wherever you go by first fitting the suction hook to a strong, flat surface. Unfold and hang the bag onto the hook. Attach the clear tube to the bag at one end and the anal or vaginal attachment of your choice at the other. Fill the bag up with water and then you-'re ready to go.

Flush out your intimate areas and enjoy a deeper, cleaner feel. When you-'re done, allow the water bag to dry before dismantling, folding up and packing the Portable Travel Douche away.

Additional Information

Manufacturer:  Kinx
Colour:  Blue
Size (Metric):  2 Litre
Size (Imperial):  2 Litre
Power:  N/A
Material:  PVC
Feel:  N/A
SKU:  20K39-BX