Perfect Fit Hump Gear Butt Plug

Perfect Fit Hump Gear Butt Plug

The Perfect fit Hump Gear Butt Plug is a unique couple's sex toy that provides pleasure for both partners. The hollow sheath will give the wearer extra girth and length. Internal texturing ensures he experiences a stimulating ride. Once inside, he can ease the Hump Gear Butt Plug into his partner. Apply water-based lubricant and slide up to 6 inches inside. The nub at the base acts as an anchor, so your hands are free to roam and stimulate other hot spots.

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Material Silicone

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Designed for stimulating pleasure for both partners, the Perfect Fit Hump Gear Butt Plug can be enjoyed as a butt plug and stimulating penis sheath.

Plunge to new depths as the Hump Gear's hollow centre allows the dominant partner to insert his penis into the sheath giving him extra length and girth. Totally flexible, the silicone and TPR blend will stretch to fit, while a series of internal ridges will stimulate the wearer's shaft, much like a masturbation sleeve.

Once the sheath is in place apply water-based lubricant and ease the 6 inches of butt plug length into your partner, working it all the way up to the large nub towards the base. This acts as an anchor, holding the Hump Gear in place so hands are free to explore more.

The Perfect fit Hump Gear Butt Plug comes in black and clear colours and is a great couples sex toy that can pave the way to orgasm for both of you. The smooth material ensures comfort for both of you, but please note that the Perfect Fit Hump Gear is not a contraceptive and should not be used in place of a condom.

Additional Information

Manufacturer:  Perfect Fit
Colour:  Black, Clear
Size (Metric):  15 cm x 6 cm
Size (Imperial):  6 Inches x 2.4 Inches
Material:  Silicone
Feel:  Flexible, Smooth, Firm, Textured  
SKU:  HG-01