Perfect Fit Ergo Shower Anal Douche

Perfect Fit Ergo Shower Anal Douche

The Perfect Fit Ergo Shower Anal Douche has a 9-inch nozzle that fits directly onto your shower hose. Enjoy deeper anal cleaning that's fuss-free and more pleasurable, thanks to the bendable qualities of the TPR nozzle.

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Color Black
Material Silicone


Shower Douche

The Perfect Ergo Shower Anal Douche system is designed for deeper cleaning and more satisfying anal sex pleasure. Featuring a 9-inch nozzle that's designed to fold and bend for your added comfort. It's made from softer TPR so it's more malleable and will fit your body shape.

The Perfect Fit hydro douche is made from skin-safe materials and the adaptor allows you to connect the douche nozzle directly to the shower hose for a cleaner and more hygienic experience that's fuss-free.

What really sets this shower anal douche apart is the air valve technology that prevents suck-back, which means that the vacuum draws air instead of sucking water back into the enema. This hydro douche is an easy and effective way to clean. It also features 4 outlet holes to the rounded tip. Use with water-based lubricants only.

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Details And Care
Manufacturer:  Perfect Fit  
Colour:  Black
Size (Metric):  Various Sizes
Size (Imperial):  Various Sizes
Power:  None Required
Material:  Silicone
Feel:  Firm