Orgie Time Lag Delay Spray

Orgie Time Lag Delay Spray

Sometimes you want the fun to last just a little bit longer. Well, Orgie’s Time Lag Delay Serum could be the answer you’ve been looking for with its simple spray-on application adding a desensitising layer around your penis for longer lasting sex.

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  • Spray on desensitising penis formula for men
  • Helps to delay climax making sex last longer
  • Longer sessions mean more pleasure for both parties
  • Made from natural active ingredients and Panthenol
  • 25ml / 0.88fl oz
  • Last longer in bed with this simple serum for more pleasurable and satisfying sex.

Highly Effective

Using a new formula packed with natural active ingredients and Panthenol, the Time Delay Serum works by desensitising the penis allowing you to thrust away harder and longer before the inevitable thunderous climax!

Easy to Use

Simply spray onto your penis and the serum gets to work making you last longer. The spray even has anti-bacterial and moisturising properties to keep you safe and comfortable during prolonged action.

Additional Information

Bottle Size 25 ml