MenzStuff 9 Hole Anal Douche

MenzStuff 9 Hole Anal Douche

This anal douche from Menzstuff has a nozzle that's perfectly angled for deep cleaning. It's highly flexible and easily insertable, squirting water through 9 holes and giving you comfort and security when engaging in anal sex.

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SKU 86478
Colour Black/Red
Material PVC

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Menzstuff 9 Hole Anal Douche

  • Anal douche with a nozzle with 9 holes
  • Perfectly angled for deep cleansing
  • 310 ml bulb
  • Flexible and inserts easily

This anal douche has 9 holes in its nozzle and a perfect angle for deep cleansing. The bulb can contain 310 ml of water. Thanks to the flexibility and the shape of the nozzle it is easy and comfortable to insert. Squeeze the bulb after insertion to release the liquid through the 9 holes in the tip for thorough cleaning of the rectum and peace of mind when indulging in anal sex.

Additional Information

Brand Dream Toys
Colour Black/Red
Product Length 10 inches
Circumference 3.4 inches
Vibration Speed Non Vibrating
Material PVC
Flexibility Flexible
Waterproof Yes