Rouge Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

Rouge Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

A clever twist on the already classic pinwheel, this toy can be used to trace three separate rollers over the skin, creating tingling, lightly painful sensations. A BDSM toy suited to new or experienced users.

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Colour Silver
Material Metal

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Rouge Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

Use three spinning pinwheel heads to trace over your partner's skin with this clever, kinky toy from Rouge Garments. You can choose to either tickle and tease or cross the threshold to pleasurable pain by applying as much pressure as you wish. The spikes are blunted so as not to pierce the skin or cause any real harm, but they will leave a mark if you choose to push hard enough. It can also be used to gently scrape and tantalise, building desire and tension.

The metallic, medical-style of the toy gives it a real BDSM feel, which enhances the whole experience. This is the perfect way to introduce bondage into the bedroom for new couples, or a great addition to the collection for someone more experienced. The triple wheel is a little different and a smart twist on an already pleasurable toy.

Additional Information

Manufacturer:  Rouge
Colour:  Silver
Material:  Stainless Steel